Processing Time Required For Visa Subclass 116


Carer Visa Subclass 116 Processing Time

We help you with applying for Visa 116. However, the Department of Home Affairs does not have any stipulated processing times for carer visas like Subclass 836 and 116. All family-related visas are subject to capping and queuing.


The Government of Australia has fixed specific caps on family-related such as Subclass 836 and Subclass 116 and many others. Capping constitutes fixing up a ceiling for the number of visas granted in each Migration program year. Once the number of successfully processed applications reaches this figure, the Department stops issuing further visa under the category in the specific Migration Program Year. Any visa application over the cap is subject to queuing for the forthcoming migration year.


The parent and family-related visas are in high demand in Australia. Every migration year, the department announces the cap for such visas. It entails that they will process all applications until it reaches the cap figure. However, the department does not stop receiving applications. It does not process them but places them in a queue. The department takes up these queued applications in the subsequent migration year. The applications in the queue are strictly in order of merit where no application can get priority over the others under any circumstances.

Reasons for delays in processing

The delays in Australia visa 116 processing times are due to the following reasons.

  • Errors and omissions in the filling up of the application can delay the processing. An immigration agency can help you in the matter to avoid delays in Australia 116 Visa processing time.
  • Incomplete submission of documents such as delays in submitting Bupa Medical Certificate, and so on
  • The department needs time to verify the genuineness of the applications. This process can also result in delays in subclass 116 processing times.
  • Payment of visa fees is critical. If the applicant does not pay the appropriate fee, the department notifies the applicant in this connection. It can even return the application.

Assessment of Visa applications

The evaluation of Carer Visa 116 is in two stages.

  • On receiving the application, the department scrutinizes it for its genuineness. If it is in order, the application goes into the queue. Otherwise, the department seeks clarifications and can even return the application.
  • On a slot becomes available, the department assesses the application and decides whether to grant or refuse the visa.

Note that you should not be in Australia when the department decides your application. You should also not arrange to immigrate to Australia without Visa 116. The department will inform you of the fate of your application in writing.


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