Regional Sponsored Migration Visa Subclass 187 Processing Time


    Processing Time Required For Visa Subclass 187

    One of the most dreadful parts of visa applications is the time needed to process the application. Generally, 187 visa processing time depends upon the stream. 


    75% of the applications get processed in

    90% of the applications get processed in

    Direct Entry Stream

    21 months

    23 months

    Temporary Residence Transition Stream

    11 months

    16 months

    Based on this information and as given on the Australia Home Affairs website, we conclude that most of the applications from outside Australia take at least 2 years’ time. Hence, one must ensure that they are filling their applications correctly so that there are no delays in the RSMS 187 Visa processing time. Sometimes, the authorities might require some extra information from the applicant. In such cases, the promptness of the applicant can also help in speeding up the process.

    Subclass 187 Visa Timeline

    The visa subclass 187 processing time includes the following stages:

    1. Get nominated by an employer in regional Australia
    2. Prepare your documentation 
    3. Submit an Application 
    4. Receive the Invitation

    What can cause a delay in the RSMS 187 processing time?

    In Australia, there are thousands of applications to be processed by the Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP) which is Australia's frontline border law enforcement agency and customs service. Hence, we cannot expect a decrease in processing times. But one can take the necessary precautions so that there are no delays caused in the Visa 187 processing time. There can be 5 different situations which can cause these delays. The applicants should be prepared for the same and try their best to keep the process smooth. Delays in processing times can be caused because of the following reasons:

    1. When the applicant has not submitted all the required documents 
    2. There are flaws in the application; the applicant entered some wrong information 
    3. If some additional information is required, how quickly the applicant can submit the additional documents or provide the information
    4. Time is taken by the processing authority to verify the information provided by the applicant
    5. Time is taken by external agencies to provide additional information about the applicant like health-related information, police clearance certificate (PCC) etc.

    Can we decrease the subclass 187 Visa processing times?

    Hiring a registered MARA consultant/agent from the beginning can help you in getting things done quickly. These agents have experience in the same field and they are well aware of the requirements of the immigration authorities. They can help in preparing the right documentation at the beginning itself so that the chances of delays in the application processing can minimize. 

    Even if the processing authorities require some additional documents or some extra information, the registered MARA consultant/agent will guide on how quickly the same could be provided.


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