Prospective Marriage Visa Subclass 300 Fees & Cost

    The subclass 300 Visa cost is higher than the Australia 300 Visa fees. We shall explain why it is so in the following paragraphs. Meanwhile, know what you have to pay as visa fees at the time of applying for Visa 300.

    The Visa fees for the prospective marriage Visa 300 is AUD 7,850 for the main applicant. For dependents above 18, the visa fee is AUD 3,930. For those who are under 18, the visa fee is AUD 1,965. The visa fees for co-applicants depend on their respective ages. Refer to the Visa Pricing Estimator to arrive at the exact amount of visa fee payable to the Government.

    This Visa 300 is unique in the sense that it allows you to apply for Visa Subclass 820 and 801 while you are present in Australia on the Visa 300. If you apply for these temporary and permanent partner visas during the validity period of Visa 300, you get a concession in the visa fees. You have to pay a basic application charge of AUD 1,310 for the primary applicant. However, if you apply for Visa subclass 820 and 801 after the expiry of Visa 300, the primary application charge increases to AUD 1,660.

    The Visa Pricing estimator does not take into account the expenses you incur for your health examinations, character certificates, document translation charges, biometrics, and so on. Therefore, the total cost of 300 Visa Australia is higher than the prospective marriage visa fee.

    How do you pay the Visa 300 fees?

    While applying for the Visa 300, you only pay for the visa fee. We assist you in calculating the right amount using the Visa Pricing Estimator. You pay the visa fee online. There is no option for alternative methods such as cash, bank drafts, or checks.

    The only way to pay the Visa 300 fee is through your ImmiAccount while applying for the visa.

    • Credit cards – You should possess a credit card with affiliation to MasterCard or Visa. If you do not have a credit card, it is better to seek one. You can also pay using American Express cards or Diners Club cards. Prepaid credit cards are also accepted modes of Visa fee payment.
    • Debit cards – Debit cards having Visa and MasterCard affiliations are acceptable methods of payment through your ImmiAccount.
    • Internet Banking – You can use Union Pay and BPAY to pay the Visa 300 fees by accessing your internet banking facility.
    • PayPal – If you have a PayPal account, you can pay the visa fees using this account as well.

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