Recognised Graduate Visa Subclass 476 Fees & Cost

The 476 Visa fees for the principal applicant is AUD 375. The visa fees for your co-applicants depend on their age on the day of application. Family members above 18 have a specific amount whereas those less than 18 incur a lower fee. The best place to know your Australia Visa 476 fees is the Visa Pricing Estimator that is available for reference on the department site.

Using the estimator is easy. You have to enter the information it seeks. You get the total visa fees payable to the concerned department at the time of your application.

The Subclass 476 Visa Cost

The 476 Visa Cost is different from the 476 Visa fee. The visa fee calculated by the estimator does not account for the expenses you incur for your health tests, obtaining your character certificate documents, and biometrics. Therefore, the 476 Visa fee is less than the cost of 476 Visa Australia.

Mode of payment of Australia 476 visa fees?

There is only one way of paying the Australia Visa 476 fees, and that is the online route. You cannot pay by check, bank draft, or cash. However, you can pay online using different channels as follows.

Whichever channel you use for payment, it has to be through your ImmiAccount.

  • Credit Card – Applicants can use their credit cards issued by Visa and MasterCard. Besides, the department accepts Diners Club cards, American Express credit cards, and prepaid credit cards.
  • Debit Card – Those applicants possessing debit cards issued by Visa or MasterCard can pay the visa 476 fees using these cards.
  • PayPal – Many applicants, especially from places outside Australia prefer to pay using their individual PayPal accounts. The department allows this mode of payment.
  • Bank Transfer – You can use internet-banking channels to pay your Visa 476 fees. Union Pay and BPAY are two such internet-banking modules available for paying your visa application fees.

Do the banks charge any commission?

Yes, the banks charge commission on paying through your credit cards. Similarly, PayPal also charges their commission when you use this channel for payment.

Points to Note

  • Intimate your bank when you decide to use your credit cards. Your bank might have restricted international payments on your credit card due to security reasons. Informing the bank in advance enables them to remove the restrictions and allow you to pay the amount.
  • PayPal usually uses servers located out of Australia. Hence, you should exercise greater care when using the PayPal route.

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