Student Guardian Visa Subclass 590 Rules & Conditions

    Here are the pre-conditions for applying for Subclass Visa 590.

    1. You have to be the student’s parent, guardian, or relative over 21 years of age.
    2. The student should be less than 18 years of age.
    3. You should have financial worth to support yourself, your family, and the student as well for the duration of their stay in Australia.

    As the Subclass visa 590 is a temporary one, the department might impose additional conditions on the visa grant letter.

    Condition 8101 – This visa 590 does not allow the visa holder to work in Australia, either part-time or full-time.

    Condition 8201 – This subclass 590 Visa allows you to study any course or undergo training for not more than three months.

    Condition 8501 – All the applicants of this visa 590 should have adequate health insurance coverage for their period of stay in Australia.

    Condition 8502 – This condition stipulates that the visa holder should not enter Australia before the person specified in the visa.

    Condition 8516 – The visa holder should satisfy all requirements throughout the entire period of stay in Australia.

    Condition 8534 – This specific condition prohibits any further stay in Australia beyond the date of expiry of visa mentioned in your visa grant letter. Under exceptional circumstances, it allows you to remain beyond the authorized date.

    Condition 8537 – The purpose of Visa 590 is to provide support to the student. Hence, this condition stipulates that the visa holder should live with the student. If the student is less than 18, it is the responsibility of the visa holder to provide accommodation, financial support, and ensure the overall welfare of the student.

    Condition 8538 – Condition 8538 is a travel condition. This condition stipulates that you should not ordinarily leave Australia without the student. However, it has a provision that you can leave the student behind under exceptional circumstances. You should notify the department that you have made adequate arrangements for the student’s accommodation, financial support, and overall welfare in your absence. If the child is less than 18, you should obtain the approval for the changed arrangements in writing from the education provider.

    Besides these pre-conditions and post-grant conditions, all applicants have to fulfil the stipulated health requirements. Similarly, all applicants above the age of 16 should submit police certificates as proof of good character. The process also involves you to provide your biometrics.

    The applicant has to submit documentary evidence at the time of applying for the visa. We shall go through the requirements and document checklist for your benefit.


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