Common Law Partner Visa Processing Time


    Common Law Partner Visa Processing Time

    The processing time of the common-law partner visa for Canada includes the time between the receipt of the application until final decision has been made. In general, the processing time for the Common-Law Partner Visa is around 12 months.

    This processing time includes the time for the following:

    • Ensuring that all the requirements for the visa are met by the applicant  
    • Ensuring that all the requirements are met by the sponsor 
    • Verification of documents provided 
    • The time required to provide biometrics, police certificates and medical clearance if required

    Incomplete or incorrect applications might be delayed or even returned to the applicant. To ensure that your application is processed without any glitches one must ensure that:

    • Their application is complete 
    • They have provided correct information 
    • They meet the Common-law partner visa requirements

    However, the processing time can be affected based on the circumstances of the applicant and their spouse in Canada. To make sure that your application is appropriate and has no errors, consult an immigration expert at V2I. Our team has helped thousands of common-law partners reach Canada and gain permanent resident status with their spouses. Contact us for more details right now or submit a query.

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