Conjugal Partner Visa Processing Time

    It is important for the applicant to have a clear idea of how much time it can take to assess their application for conjugal partner visa Canada. This not only helps them plan their visit to Canada but helps them detect if there are any delays in their application assessment.

    Conjugal partner visa Canada processing time is around 12 months when the applicant is living in India. This is the time required to The time required to assess and verify the documentation of the applicant as well as their partner in Canada. This processing time includes:

    •  the time required for biometrics
    • the time required to assess the sponsor and the applicant 
    • the time required to ensure that the applicant meets the requirements

    The processing time for conjugal partner visa applications can increase if there are already many applications submitted to the immigration authorities. You must always track and keep checking for any updates in your application status.

    It further also depends on the correctness and completeness of the application. The visa application assessment officer might request for additional information or documents in such cases which would take time.

    To know more on how you can ensure timely processing of your conjugal visa application consult with V2I conjugal visa experts today. Our experts will help you at every step of the application process and will ensure that your application is complete and 100% correct.

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