Family Based Provincial Nominee Processing Time


Family Based Provincial Nominee Processing Time

One question that always bothers a person who wants to immigrate to Canada is that how much time it would take to get their application approved? CIC (Citizenship and Immigration Canada) however ensures that the processing of the visa applications is done as quickly as possible but due to a large number of applications a processing time is associated with family-based provincial nominee visas as well.

The processing time of a visa application is the amount of time the immigration authorities take to assess the application and all the supporting documents submitted with it. For a family-based provincial nominee visa, the processing time is 15 to 19 months. This is based upon the following:

  • who is being sponsored
  • are they in Canada or outside Canada 
  • are they applying for the first time
  • whether the application is complete

To ensure that there are no delays in the processing of your application, consult an immigration expert at V2I before submitting your application. Get complete assistance on how to file your application for a family-based provincial nominee visa based on the province where your family is presently residing.

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