Remaining Relative Visa Rules & Conditions


    Remaining Relative Visa Rules & Conditions

    The applicants of the remaining relative visa for Canada must understand that moving to Canada is a matter of fulfilment of eligibility and requirements. It is a matter of privilege given to only those candidates who can provide correct evidence of their eligibility. Therefore, the applicants must understand and fulfil the rules and conditions of remaining relative visas.

    In case of a remaining relative visa, the sponsor has to agree to provide financial support to the applicant. This includes the basic needs of the applicant such as food, clothing, accommodation, healthcare etc. If the applicant for the remaining relative visa is 18 years or above they must also sign an agreement that they will make efforts to support themselves financially.

    Canada generally allows individuals related by blood to Canadian permanent residents or citizens to arrive and live in Canada with their families. However in case of the remaining relative visa, one can sponsor an orphaned sister, brother, nephew, niece, or grandchild. One can also sponsor an uncle or aunt under specific circumstances.

    The main purpose of this visa is to allow the only relatives to stay together. Therefore, if any one of the parents of the relative is alive, or their parents have abandoned them, then one cannot sponsor such a brother, sister, nephew, niece or grandchild. If the relative, of any age, related by blood or adoption does not have any other living relative and the sponsor also does not have any relatives in Canada, they can use the facility of remaining relative visa.

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