Study Abroad Australia Program – How to Get Started


So you mates have decided to take the plunge by looking at options to go to the land down under and study in Australia. There is no doubt that Australia is a place that has become rather popular over the past few years when it comes to the quality of living, working and most recently studying as well. But, hang on a second, before you book your flight tickets and start dreaming of studying in Australia after graduation, won’t it be a swell idea to know more about the details such as how to get there and know a little about the education system too? 


In case you are wondering where to get all these insights from, well wonder no more because you have come to the right spot. We will take you through a list of most commonly asked questions that will give you a proper head start on what to expect when you are exploring to move to Australia for further studies. 


What is the Australian Education System?


Since the primary purpose of your visit to Australia is for studies (we know you would have wished for it to be just one long holiday), it is time you understand all the factors that have helped Australia become a place that offers world-class education. So here is everything that you need to know about the Education System in Australia


Just like most of the education systems that prevail, the Australian education system as well offers primary, secondary and tertiary education. With a lot of consideration and careful planning, these are the divisions that have been decided when it comes to the overall education system in Australia. 


  • Primary education: from Kindergarten to year 7
  • Secondary education: from year 7 to year 10


The Australian higher education system comprises the following subsections and they are the years in which a student has to decide which stream they want to pursue and take it up in the years when they start off with their education in college or at the university level.  


  • Senior secondary education: year 11 and 12
  • Tertiary education: overall secondary and university-based education 


The Australian education system is a rather systematic and planned one, and the basic language that it functions on is English. There are a few schools that also offer a bilingual setup, but the majority of educational institutes have their official language set as English, and this is why it is very important to be well versed in English. If you are an international student thinking of going to Australia for your higher studies you might even have to take an English proficiency test. 


What is the Australian Qualifications Framework (AQF)?


One important factor of understanding about the Education System in Australia is to take a closer look at the Australian Qualifications Framework (AQF). Established in the year 1995 by the Australian Government, this framework laid the foundation of making sure that the qualification criteria all across Australia remains the same and has some sort of uniformity. 


Now, with the help of the Australian Qualifications Framework, almost every international student who is looking for a chance to study in Australia can do so with the most ease and comfort.  With the help of a standardized Australian Qualifications Framework, all those students looking for a chance to study in Australia after graduation can find the course that interests them the most and suits their earlier qualifications the most. With the help of the Australian Qualifications Framework students and parents, both can be assured that the degree or certificate that they get at the end of the academic program is genuine and trustworthy. 


This is how the Australian Qualifications Framework has helped students not only find the course best suited to them but has also ensured that the degree that they are awarded are genuine and recognized. This is how the Australian Qualifications Framework has helped make the Australian education system more easy to apply for international students.


Working and Studying in Australia


One of the many perks that students can take advantage of while they are in Australia is taking advantage of the option that allows them to work and study in Australia simultaneously. Despite all the scholarship options that the Education System in Australia offers, higher education comes at a price that not all parents and students can afford. 


To make the process a little less taxing and easy, the Australian government allows the students to take up part-time jobs while they are studying. This helps them stay afloat and make sure that even after all the fee payment and living expenses, they have enough to keep them going. 


Things to keep in mind before you leave for studying in Australia


Your bags are packed and you’re almost ready to go, but before you take the final plunge here is a list of things that you need to make sure you have completed. After all, you will not want to have issues once you get there. 


  • Have you applied for the correct type of visa based on your student status?
  • Filled out all application forms and other necessary documents
  • Have all the necessary documents that you need like passport and qualification papers such as education certificates and age proof 
  • Health is wealth so make sure that you get all your medical checks done and meet your family doc before you go.
  • Studied and understood the scoring and grading system of education.
  • Brush up on your Aussie lingo – you wouldn’t want to be confused about the English that they speak and be at a loss of words! 


As difficult and overwhelming the entire moving and shifting process sounds, once you take your time and figure out everything there is to know about the Education System in Australia, things will seem easy and the least bit complicated. Australia has a tone of things to offer for all those students who are looking for a chance to work and study in Australia.


See you in Australia!