IELTS Reading

    The second section of the IELTS test is the reading portion, wherein the candidates are supposed to read three to four passages before answering forty questions. The time limit is set to sixty minutes. It is allowed to take notes or mark answers in the question paper but transferring those to the answer sheet before the submission is compulsory. No extra time is provided.

    The Academic test has a more difficult test for the reading section when compared to the general training test. For the genre in question, passages are handpicked from academic journals, newspapers and books. For the general training category, books, magazines, notices, advertisements, newspapers and handbooks are consulted.

    Candidates ought to practice their reading efficiency and have clear skills of gist, details and summary. Understanding the opinion, attitude and aim of the author is also mandatory if any. Eleven unique questions are asked, and each passage continues with two to three types of such questions.

    Different Sections on the IELTS Reading

    These long tests constitute this section, which might stretch up to 2150 to 2750 words. Authentic sources are used to take the text passages, which include books, journals and magazines. It is even possible for some of the text to contain graphs, tables and diagrams too. Technical terms are sometimes included in the text, for which a specially crafted glossary is provided. Gradation of the test is done from least to most difficult. The nature of these passages ranges from informative, descriptive and argumentative. Each text carries twelve to fourteen questions.

    An audience who might not be specialists can understand the texts with ease. These texts are appropriate and accessible to candidates if they are entering undergraduate or postgraduate courses. This also includes those who seek professional registration.

    IELTS General Training Test:

    The IELTS General training test comprises three separate sections and includes 40 questions. The sections aforementioned are concerning work or of a general topic. Extracts from books, newspapers, notices and magazines, et cetera are usually taken. Each section gets progressively more difficult than the previous one.

    • Section 1 comprises two to three short factual texts. One of these is composite, meaning they consist of 6-8 short-length texts and are related topic wise. For example, hotel advertisements, etc. The topics hold relevance to the everyday communication topics in an English-Speaking Country.
    • Section 2 comprises two short texts, again factual. These lay focus on issues that correspond to employment, for example: applying for jobs, policies of the company, wages and conditions, staff development, facilities and training.
    • Section 3 comprises a longer, more complicated text on a topic that relates to the general interest. Unique texts extracted from notices, documents, company handbooks, advertisements, newspapers, magazines and books are used.

    IELTS Reading Scoring Pattern

    The candidates are awarded one mark for each correct answer. There is no negative marking. In case the candidate leaves question(s) unattended, no marks are given or taken.

    After this, scores out of forty are related to the IELTS 9-band score.

    The band score is represented in halves or wholes.

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