Student Guardian Visa Subclass 590 For Australia Immigration


Visa Subclass 590 (Student Guardian Visa)

Overview of the visa

  • Student Guardian Visa 590 is available to parents or guardians of the student in Australia.
  • The 590 Visa is a temporary visa that allows you to stay in Australia as long as the student visa is valid.
  • As a rule, the student should be less than 18 years. Under exceptional circumstances, the student can be older than 18.
  • You should have enough financial strength to support your stay as well as your child.

About Visa 590

  • Visa 590 permits parents or guardians to reside in Australia, take care of their child who should be a full-time student, and is under eighteen years of age. Under specific circumstances, the age of the student can be more than 18.
  • The guardian visa allows you to take care of more than one student in Australia.
  • You can also pursue an English language proficiency course (ELICOS) provided your study period is less than twenty hours a week. However, you cannot extend this course/training period to more than three months.
  • You can be either in Australia or outside when applying for this visa. The same applies when the department decides on your application.

We assist you with the compiling of the documents and applying for the student guardian visa Australia.

Duration of stay

  • You can stay in Australia up to the date mentioned in the visa grant letter.
  • The department considers specific aspects while deciding your length of stay in Australia. The date on your visa grant letter will depend on the duration of a student visa or up to the time, the student turns 18 years of age.
  • However, you can stay in Australia for a further period by applying for a fresh student guardian visa.

Whom can you include in your visa 590?

  • You can include all members of your family who are more than six years of age. If there is any person less than six years in your family, the department will deny the visa unless there are compassionate and compelling reasons to do so.
  • All applicants include the student should fulfil health requirements and should have health insurance as long as they stay in Australia.
  • The process does not allow you to add any child less than six years of age after you apply for the student guardian visa.
  • Children above the age of six can accompany you to Australia, but by applying for their student visa.

Who is eligible for the student guardian 590 visa?

  • The following three classes of relatives can apply for this student guardian visa.
    1. Parents of the student less than 18 years of age
    2. Guardians who have custody of the student
    3. The student’s relative aged more than 21 years and nominated by the parents of the guardian
  • The student should ordinarily be less than 18 years of age. Under exceptional circumstances, the student can be older provided he/she needs care and support.

Who can be a relative of the student?

The following people are eligible to be relatives of the student.

  1. Parent or grandparent
  2. Step-parent or step-grandparent
  3. Brother/sister or step-sibling
  4. Uncle, aunt including step-uncle/step-aunt
  5. Niece, nephew including step-niece or step-nephew
  6. Partner
  7. Child or stepchild


The visa holder should provide all care to the student including accommodation, food, and other support. You should have financial ability to take care of the student and pay for your expenses as well as that of the family members accompanying you to Australia on this student guardian visa.

At the same time, you should also ensure to make the welfare arrangements for your dependents overseas. One of the pre-conditions of this student guardian visa is that you should make proper arrangements for members of your family,

  • Who are not travelling to Australia with you
  • Who are under 18 years of age
  • And do not have a student visa.

One way of ensuring proper arrangements for children aged between six and eighteen years is that they should live with another parent/guardian or any other relative more than 21 years of age.

Can you travel outside Australia on this visa?

This visa permits you to travel out of Australia as many times as you wish but within the validity of the visa. At the same time, you should not leave Australia without the student visa holder unless you have other alternative arrangements in place to care of the student in your absence.

How do you apply for this Student guardian Subclass 590 Visa?

We provide timely immigration consultancy and assist you in applying for this student guardian visa. We shall see the requirements later on in this section, but you should be aware of the procedure. It will enable you to arrange for proper documentation.

  • Seeking our assistance to complete the formalities can ensure error-free submission of details.
  • Check up whether you have a valid passport to last the entire length of your stay in Australia.
  • Provide genuine documents such as identity proof, relationship proof, financial support proof, and so on. Submitting misleading information can prove detrimental to your chances of obtaining the visa.
  • This visa 590 requires you to apply online and a minimum of six weeks before the commencement of the student’s course in Australia.
  • You can be in Australia at the time of applying for this visa as well as when the department decides on your application.
  • This visa 590 requires all applicants including the student to undergo health tests. Apart from fulfilling these health requirements, all applicants should have sufficient health insurance during their stay in Australia.
  • All applicants over the age of 16 years should also fulfil character requirements by submitting character certificates from the concerned authorities.
  • You should also pay the visa fees for all applicants at the time of applying for the visa.

This student guardian visa requires time for processing. Proper submission of documents can help in reducing the processing times.

Processing Time

The eligibility criteria are such that the department needs time to process these visa applications. As a thumb rule, the department approves 75% of visa 590 within 86 days whereas the 580 Visa processing time is about four months for 90% of the applications.

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Fee & Cost

The Australia 590 Visa fees start at AUD 575 for the primary applicant. The total Australia visa 590 fees depends on various factors like the number of applicants you include, the age of your co-applicants, the health examination costs, and charges you incur for obtaining character certificates, and so on.

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Rules and Conditions

Subclass 590 visa is a temporary visa. Hence, the department can impose additional conditions over and above the standard pre-conditions for granting the visa. These additional conditions can include a restriction on your stay in Australia and other restrictions on studying and working in the country as well.

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Requirements and Checklist

Applying for the Subclass Visa 590 is an online process. However, you should upload the documents evidencing your claims. These documents include your identity proof documents, your relationship proof, financial capability, and the student visa copy, and so on.

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