IELTS online preparation


    IELTS online preparation

    Online self-study has been proven to be the most effective study method developed so far. The Visa2Immigration online IELTS programs are structured around this effective method of studying. The courses we offer are specially crafted for those who wish to excel in their school and study without external help. The program is crafted to ensure that pupils get the most out of us and are well-practised and learned to give the IELTS test.

    Constituents of this program include the extensive practice of writing, speaking, listening and reading.

    Are you one of the many aspirants wanting to secure a great grade in the IELTS? Prepare for your test with the best course: Visa2Immigration IELTS online preparation course. We ensure that all you learn here will be from the best, for the best, to the best.

    What all does our live online program feature?

    1.       Content that has been powered from Cambridge.
    2.       Transcends the boundaries of time and space.
    3.       Trainer-led teaching and implementation.
    4.       Comprehensive program.
    5.       Methodology of assessment that revolves around you.
    6.       The well-examined practice of reading, listening, speaking and writing. 
    7.       Systematic and well-constructed evaluation via mock tests.

    English Empower Self Study Program

    Our program, which has been powered by Cambridge and revolves around self-study, is tested effective for adults and young adults alike. We carry English lectures and a constructive approach. This helps you get all of the useful language, conversation skills and pronunciation. With our insightful methods and striving young minds, our students come out to be confident and impactful communicators.

    IELTS Live Online

    We, at Visa2Immigration Education IELTS, take all the efforts to simplify your learning experience and limit it to one mouse click! Our instructors are enriched, and experts in their fields and are equipped with world-class content to make sure that your knowledge about the IELTS is nowhere behind perfection. Moreover, we try to ensure that you master not only the test but also the English Language that would help you strive and excel.

    IELTS Self-Paced Online Coaching Program

    The program we offer is of an easy duration of three months. It is self-paced and is designed particularly for IELTS enthusiasts who wish to ace the test from the comfort they seek. You will be provided with access to five full-length mock tests along with an outstanding number of 100 sectional tests that would help you get an idea of the actual test and accordingly prepare yourself.

    Reasons why IELTS online training is the best

    1. Expertise: Our instructors are certified IELTS trainers.
    2. Strategic Planning: We correspond to unit testing strategies that ensure your learning is beyond perfection. 
    3. Refresher sessions: Our TestPrep package serves as refresher sessions to help you score higher on the test.
    4. Simulated assignments: We offer adaptive full-length mock IELTS tests that help you practice and evaluate your progress.
    5. Online tools: We provide three months of access to our student portal, which gives you access to our exclusive online tools that enhance your learning experience.

    How can you achieve your dream IELTS score with Visa2Immigration?

    At Visa2Immigration, we offer you a comprehensive visa and immigration processing service. This includes preparing you for the IELTS exam – and helping you achieve the band score you need to clear the English language criterion of the visa or immigration program you choose.

    Candidates, relying on self-study for IELTS preparation, will find that our exclusive study material, practice tests, and dedicated trainers can make all the difference to their scores.

    Our experts can assess your English reading, writing, speaking, and listening skills, and recommend the best training program for you:

    • Online Training Classes, or
    • The Test Prep package.

    Here is a quick glimpse of what we offer:




    Course Fee


    IELTS weekend

    Saturday, Sunday

    4 weeks

    INR 8500

    8 Live Classes, Online Study Material, Access to Test Prep Material, Unlimited Scheduled Doubt-Clearing Sessions

    Validity: 3 months

    IELTS weekdays

    Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday or Friday

    2 weeks

    INR 8500

    8 Live Classes, Online Study Material, Access to Test Prep Material, Unlimited Scheduled Doubt-Clearing Sessions

    Validity: 3 months

    Test Prep Only


    4 weeks

    INR 3500

    Online Study Material, Access to Test Prep Material

    Validity: 1 month

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