Common Law Partner Visa

    The Citizenship and Immigration Canada allows the permanent residents and citizens of Canada to sponsor their common-law partners to Canada. The Common-Law partner visa allows the common-law partner to work, study and live in Canada as permanent residents once the application gets approved.

    A common-law relationship means that the couple has lived together for at least a year in a conjugal relationship. In other words, a common-law relationship is a marriage-like relationship without actually being married. The applicant would need to show evidence of cohabitation. It is often termed as a de facto relationship which means that such a relationship is not established as per law.

    The Common-law partner visa can be obtained under Family Class if the applicant lives outside Canada or shall be outside Canada during the processing of the application. Otherwise, if the applicant lives in Canada and has valid immigration status then, the visa can be obtained under Spouse or Common-Law Partner in Canada class.

    Common-Law Partner Visa Processing Time

    The processing time for the Common-Law Partner Visa is around 12 months. This processing time includes the time it takes to ensure that all the requirements for the visa are met. It also counts in the time to provide biometrics and the time it takes to assess the sponsor. One must ensure that their application is complete to avoid delay in its processing.

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    Common-Law Partner Visa Fee & Cost

    The overall processing fee for Common-law Partner Visa is CAD 1050 (including the right of permanent residence fee) and CAD 550 (excluding the right of permanent residence fee). There is also a biometric fee of CAD 85 per person. There can be third party costs involved such as getting a medical examination and police verification certificate.

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    Common-Law Partner Visa Rules & Conditions

    The obligations of a sponsor include:

    • They need to provide the basic needs of living to the applicant 
    • They shall take care of their medical and health needs 
    • They shall sign an undertaking for the same for a time period of 3 years from the day their common-law partner becomes the permanent resident of Canada
    • The sponsor must be of 18 years of age or older 
    • They must be a Canadian citizen or permanent resident
    • They need to provide evidence that they will be able to provide the applicant with the basic needs of food, clothing and shelter.
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    Common-Law Partner Visa Requirements & Checklist

    The applicant can provide statements of shared bank accounts or shared credit cards, evidence of mutual ownership of property, shared rent, same billing address etc. to prove their common-law relationship. Other important Common-Law Partner Visa Requirements include the following documents:

    • Undertaking of sponsorship signed by the sponsor 
    • Sponsorship form
    • Application fee receipt 
    • Application form on the basis of class of application (Family Class or Spouse or Common-Law Partner Class)
    • Family information 
    • Valid passport
    • Police certificates and clearance 
    • Photographs and/or biometric 
    • Medical certificate

    It is often difficult to understand the terms and conditions associated with a Common-Law Partner Visa. To ensure that your application is 100% accurate and includes all the necessary documentation, connect with V2I immigration experts. Seek appropriate visa assistance as per your convenience and ensure hassle-free immigration to Canada.

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