Recognised Graduate Visa Subclass 476 For Australia Immigration


    Visa Subclass 476 (Recognised Graduate Visa)


    • Recent engineering graduates who have acquired their Bachelors or Masters degree from a recognized institution during the past two years can apply for Visa Subclass 476.
    • The applicant must be less than 31 years of age when they apply for Visa 476 Australia.
    • This temporary 476 Visa allows your to work and study in Australia for 18 months.
    • The primary condition is that the applicant should not have been a previous holder of either the 476 or 485 Visa.

    About Subclass 476

    • The Subclass 476 Visa is a specialized temporary visa available only to skilled engineering graduates who have acquired their degrees in the past two years from specified institutions.
    • With this 476 Visa, you can study, work and live in Australia for a period of 18 months.
    • Applicants must not be more than 31 years of age when they apply for 476 Visa.
    • Previous holders of 476 and 485 Visas are not eligible for applying to this skilled graduate visa Australia.

    Duration of stay

    • Skilled Graduate Visa 476 is a temporary visa that allows you to reside in Australia for 18 months.
    • Extension of this visa 476 is not possible, as you cannot apply for another skilled recognized graduate visa. You have to search and apply for another eligible visa. We guide you in this matter.
    • If you become eligible during your period of stay in Australia, you can apply for your Australian permanent residency.

    Family Members

    • The graduate visa 476 allows eligible family members to accompany you to Australia. You can include their names when applying for Visa 476.
    • Eligible family members include the following
      1. Spouse or live-in partner
      2. Your child or partner’s child usually below 18
      3. Children above 18 and up to 23 years only if they are entirely dependent on you or your partner
      4. No restrictions on age in case of mentally and physically challenged children provided they are dependent on you/your partner
    • There are provisions to add the name of children until the time of deciding on your application. You cannot add any other family during this period.
    • Family members can also join as subsequent entrants later after you get the Visa 476. Subsequent entrants have to apply on paper by submitting Form 1276.


    • You can apply for the 476 Visa from both within and outside Australia. However, you must not be in the country at the time of your decision.
    • Family members who wish to join as co-applicants to the Visa 476 should necessarily be outside the country at the time of granting of the 476 Visa.
    • A holder of Visa Subclass 444 and members of the family who are making a combined application can be in Australia when they get the visa.


    There are no restrictions to travel out of Australia during the validity of this graduate visa 476. The time spent by you outside Australia does not extend the visa.


    • Applicants to the Skilled Graduate Visa 476 should have acquired a Bachelor's degree or a higher qualification in any of the specific engineering disciplines in the past two years.
    • Postgraduate diploma holders in engineering disciplines are also eligible for Visa 476.
    • The engineering degree should be a specified educational institution having accreditation under the Washington Accord.
    • Engineering graduates from 36 specific universities situated in different countries are also eligible. You get an exhaustive list of universities from the Department official site.
    • Applicant should not be more than 31 years of age.
    • You should not be a previous primary visa holder of either a Subclass 485 or Subclass 476 Visa.
    • All applicants must fulfil the necessary health and character conditions that come with this visa 476.
    • Be proficient in English. Possessing the minimum scores in TOEFL, IELTS, OET, PTE, or Cambridge C1 tests determines your English competency levels.
    • Holders of valid passports from countries like the UK, US, New Zealand, Ireland, and Canada need not demonstrate English proficiency standards.
    • Read, understand, and acknowledge by signing the Australian Values Statement
    • The applicant should not show any debt due to the Government.
    • There should be no visa cancellation or rejection history during the time you were in Australia.

    Application Procedure

    Immigration consultants are the best person to assist with the application procedure. We guide you correctly to gather your documents and upload the application on the online platform. However, you should be ready with the following details.

    • You should have a valid passport for your entire stay in Australia.
    • Check your existing visa for any adverse conditions, especially regarding your further stay in the country. You would need to fill up Form No 1447 to get the waiver of such an undesirable condition.
    • We assist you in creating the ImmiAccount in your name. It will help you to organize your health exams in advance.
    • Seeking the help of a registered migration agent can benefit you, as they help you to eliminate errors. It hastens the assessment process.
    • If you seek the assistance of migration agents, you should inform the department about seeking assistance while applying for your 476 Visa.
    • Keep all your documents ready for uploading through your ImmiAccount. These documents comprise the following
      1. Identity Proof
      2. Educational qualifications
      3. English language competency documents
      4. Financial documents
      5. Relationship proof with your co-applicants
      6. Health documents and insurance policies
      7. Character certificates
    • We assist you with your application and help you upload the documents on the official site.
    • Pay the Visa 476 fees online
    • Submit the application
    • Wait for the assessment of your application. The department may seek clarifications. Be prepared to satisfy their queries.
    • You cannot be inside Australia when they make the decision.
    • If approved, you will get your visa grant number along with the date of commencement and expiry of visa. Note if there are specific conditions attached to the visa grant. Fulfil these conditions to remain eligible throughout the validity of the visa.
    Requirements and Checklist

    Usually, applicants make unnecessary errors in submitting proper documents to the department. It causes processing delays. These documents consist of identity documents, educational qualification certificates, English language proficiency documents, relevant documents of co-applicants, and so on. We assist you in identifying the appropriate documents to upload to the website.

    Visa Subclass 476 Requirements
    Rules and Conditions

    Applicants need to fulfill specific conditions to be eligible to apply for their 476 Visa. These are the pre-conditions to the 476 Visa. Apart from these pre-conditions, there can be post-grant conditions that applicants should fulfil to maintain their eligibility.

    Visa Subclass 476 Rules
    Processing Time

    The 476 visa processing time is a maximum of nine months for almost all applicants. Usually, delays do not occur in the assessment of 476 visas. However, inaccuracies or errors in the applications can cause delays.

    Visa Subclass 476 Processing Time
    Fee & Cost

    The 476 Visa fee is AUD 410 for the primary applicant. Apart from the principal applicants, family members can join as co-applicants. Each of your co-applicants has to pay the Australia 476 visa fees depending on their age.

    Visa Subclass 476 Fees

    Frequently asked questions

    What is the Subclass 476 visa and what are the benefits?

    Visa subclass 476 is the Skilled Recognised Graduate Visa. It is meant for fresh engineering graduates who want to work in Australia temporarily and earn the eligibility for Permanent Residency in the country or the Provisional Skilled Visa. One can work, study, and stay in Australia for up to 18 months on 476 visa or visit the country until the visa is valid.

    What are the job prospects for the 476 visa Holders in Australia?

    For engineering graduates with right skill sets, there's a fair chance to find a job in Australia on the Skilled Recognized Graduate Visa. It's easier to find a job when you are in Australia as most employers want to conduct face-to-face interviews before they hire an employee. Visa2Immigration experts can help you assess your chances of getting a job for your chosen occupation in the current scenario. Consult them now to get an accurate idea what to expect after you get your visa.

    Can I renew/extend my 476 visa?

    476 visa cannot be extended. But there are pathways to extend your stay, such as applying for a new visa or enrolling in a part-time course. Some of the visas you can apply for are visa subclass 186 (if your employer nominates you), visa subclass 189 (Skilled Independent visa), visa subclass 190 (if an Australian state or territory nominates you, and visa subclass 489 (if you are living in regional area of Australia).

    Can I get citizenship if I have 476 visa in Australia?

    You cannot apply for citizenship directly with a 476 visa in hand. You can first apply for PR and later apply for Australian citizenship when you meet all the eligibility criteria.

    Can I get PR if I have 476 visa?

    Yes, as a 476 visa holder, you can apply for PR visa such as 186 visa (employer sponsored visa), 189 visa (Skilled Independent visa), and 190 visa (Australian state or territory sponsored visa).

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