Express Entry Program for Canada

    Express Entry Program for Canada started in January 2015. It made the immigration process for skilled workers. The new rules and regulations of the program made it easier for those who qualify for the following to apply for the Permanent Residency (PR) in Canada:

    • Federal Skilled Worker Class (FSWC),
    • Federal Skilled Trades Class (FSTC),
    • Canadian Experience Class (CEC), and
    • Provincial Nominee Programs (PNP).

    The rules related to job offers saw some significant changes, including:

    • Candidates with a qualifying job offer at Senior Management positions (that fall under the Major Group 00 of the National Occupational Classification) get 200 points.
    • Candidates with other qualifying job offers get 50 points.
    • Candidates who did their higher education in Canada are awarded 15 to 30 points based on their qualifications.

    Top applicants who apply for the Express Entry program receive an Invitation to Apply (ITA) for the PR. Draws for the ITA take place monthly. Candidates invited to apply for the program have to submit their application for PR online within 60 days of receiving the application.

    How to apply for PR through the Express Entry Program online?

    Step 1: Candidates create an Express Entry profile which includes an online resume where they mention their skills and qualifications. The profiles of candidates are ranked based on various factors used to assess how useful they would for the Canadian economy.

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    Step 2: If you do not have a Canadian job offer in hand, you may apply at the Canada Job Bank site. This is optional though.

    Step 3: Selected candidates will receive an ITA. If they apply within the 60 days' time and qualify for PR, they will receive their Permanent Residence Visa within 6 months.

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    How many immigrants have won Canadian PR in 2020?

    This year, till May 25, 2020, 1,44,046 people were invited to be permanent residents of Canada. Here’s a table of how many people won the rounds of invitations based on their CRS (Comprehensive Ranking System) scores:

    No. of candidates who made it to the Express Entry pool as of May 25, 2020
    CRS score range Number of candidates
    601-1200 310
    501-600 433
    451-500 19,864
    491-500 329
    481-590 1,168
    471-480 3,311
    461-470 6,986
    451-460 8,070
    401-450 43,064
    441-450 9,581
    431-440 10,221
    421-430 7,021
    411-420 7,568
    401-410 8,673
    351-400 50,332
    301-350 26,665
    0-300 Dooley
    451-500 3,388
    Total 144,046

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    Express Entry Program for Canada Processing Time

    V2I experts say that the processing time for Express Entry applications is 5 months on an average. The IRCC (Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada) claims to process EE applications within six months but sometimes, it may take up to 7 months to get your immigration application approved or rejected. Express Entry has the fastest average processing time for Canadian PR applications. Other pathways to permanent residence in Canada may take 15 to 19 months of processing time.

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    Express Entry Program for Canada Fee & Cost

    The entire cost for Express Entry program includes:

    • IRCC's application processing fees, which is 825 CAD (Canadian Dollars) per person and 225 CAD per dependent child.
    • IRCC's right of permanent residence fees, which is 500 CAD per person. No fee is charged for dependent children.
    • The cost of Educational Credential Assessments (ECA) is around 300 CAD per person, including the international courier charges.
    • The cost of Language Tests is again around 300 CAD per person.
    • The cost of medical examinations may vary from country-to-country. On average, they amount to be around 200 CAD per person.
    • The cost of Provincial Nomination for eligible applicants varies from province-to-province or territory-to-territory. New Brunswick charges the least fee (around 250 CAD) while Ontario has the highest fee (around 1,500 CAD).
    • Miscellaneous expenses include the biometrics fee as well as costs of notaries, translations, certificates, and courier charges. V2I visa and immigration experts say that these expenses may hover somewhere around 175 CAD per person.

    For a single person with no kids, the cost of the Express Entry program is about 2,300 CAD on an average.

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    Express Entry Program for Canada Rules & Conditions
    Eligibility criteria Canadian Experience Class Federal Skilled Worker Program Federal Skilled Trades Program
    Language skills (English or French)
    • CLB 7 for NOC 0 or A
    • CLB 5 if your NOC is B
    • CLB 7
    • CLB 5 in speaking and listening sections.
    • CLB 4 in reading and writing sections.
    Type of work experience Experience in Canada is required in NOC 0, A, or B. Canadian or foreign experience is Canadian or foreign experience in trades
    acceptable in NOC 0, A, or B. under key NOC B groups is acceptable.
    Years of work experience (includes full-time and part-time jobs in primary occupation) One year of Canadian work experience within the last 3 years. One year of continuous work in the last 10 years in primary occupation. Two years of continuous work within the last 5 years.
    Valid job offer from an eligible Canadian employer Not required. Not required but you can get extra FSW points if you have a job offer in hand. Not required but you can get extra FSW points if you have a job offer in hand. Either a valid job offer of 1-year full-time employment or a certificate of the skilled trade issued by a Canadian authority (federal, provincial, or territorial).
    Education Not required. Proof of secondary education is required. You can get more points if you have completed post-secondary education. Not required.

    You will need to fulfill additional requirements to win a provincial nomination.

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    Express Entry Program for Canada Requirements & Checklist

    Documents you need to apply for the Express Entry program include:

    • Passport or travel documents,
    • Language Test results,
    • ECA Report (for people who have completed their education from outside Canada),
    • Provincial Nomination (for PNP applicants),
    • Job Offer (for those who have one),
    • Results of Medical Examinations,
    • Police Certificates or Security Check Certificates, and
    • Proof of Funds.
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