Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

Thank you for choosing Visa2Immigration. We are honoured to have you here and will make every possible effort to make your dream to immigrate to Australia come true. But before you decide to sign any agreements or even if you are seeking information from our website we recommend you to go through these Terms and Conditions that apply to use our resources, products and services.


Visa2Immigration holds the copyrights of all the content including text, data, design, graphics, layouts, logos and trademarks available on the website visa2immigration.com. We consider all these as our intellectual property and any kind of distribution, replication, transferal or display of any content on our website is not permissible. In case we find any inappropriate usage of our content, we may take legal actions. 

Responsible Usage

As you visit our website or as you use the Resources (products, services, information, tools and other content) present on our website, you agree to the following terms of using our Resources Responsibly –

  • You will use the Resources as permitted by the ‘User Agreement’ that you have signed with us or as per the online practices and rules and regulations.
  • You will provide accurate information about yourself that may be necessary for the registration process on our website or to provide you with precise services. If you want to know more about what information we collect from clients, please visit our privacy policy.
  • You will maintain the privacy of the login information if any that we provide you.
  • You will not submit any content to us which is inaccurate, violates any laws or privacy of anyone or violates the user agreement.
  • You will not copy, replicate, trade or sell any of our content. You will be responsible for any action that is taken against you if you violate our terms and conditions.
  • You will not use any inappropriate language, degrade, decent, threat, abuse, harass or pass any racist comments on our website or with our employees or representatives.
  • You will not submit any malicious content, virus or spyware, advertisements, affiliate links or commercial content to our website.
  • You will not impersonate others through our website as our representative or employee.

Termination of Usage

You agree that we can end your access to any or all the parts of our website without specifying or providing any prior notice or without any specific reason. Any suspicious or fraudulent activity may result in terminating your access. This will give us the right to delete any or all of the information that you have submitted with us.

The Limitation to Guarantees

The products, services and other resources on the website are provided without any kind of warranties. As you use our resources you agree that –

  • The information that we provide or our resources would not always meet all your requirements.
  • Our services, products or resources may not be timely, error-free or without any interruption all the time.
  • The information that we provide may subject to chances as per the change in the immigration policy or visa requirements by Australian immigration
  • If you download any information or resources from our website, it will be solely on your risk. Any loss or damage to your computer or your data that may occur due to the download will not be our responsibility.
  • Any advice or information provided by us in written, oral or implied terms would not fall under warranty until we have mentioned it explicitly in the agreement.

Limits on Liability

Visa2Immigration is not responsible for any kind of loss or damage that may occur directly, indirectly, consequently, or exemplarily due to the usage of our resources. We are not responsible for any loss of data, loss of access, corruption of data or site downtime that may occur while using our resources. Also, we are not accountable for any content posted by a 3rd party on our website. But if any third party posts content on our website through open communication, it becomes a part of our intellectual property. This means we hold permanent, irreversible, universal and exclusive rights to modify, adapt, translate, publish, display or replicate that content. This is applicable to the information posted by a third party through open communication only and does not include any personal information submitted during registration or other process requirements.

Changes to our Terms and Conditions

Visa2Immigration holds the rights to modify the Terms and Conditions without any prior notification or permission. However, we may notify our clients or registered users after making changes in our policies. We reserve the rights to change the contents of the website visa2immigration without any prior notice to the clients. It will be the responsibility of the user/ visitor/ client to check our terms and conditions as well as website content time to time and keep them updated regarding any changes (additions, deletions or modifications) that have occurred. If you continue to use our website after the modifications as well, it will automatically reflect your acknowledgement to the changes made and to our new terms and conditions.


If you need any further information about our Terms and Conditions as mentioned by us, you can contact us as at info@visa2immigration.com. We will notify you as applicable through your email.

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