Visitor Visa Subclass 600 For Australia Immigration


    Visa Subclass 600 (Visitor Visa)


    • Visa Subclass 600 is a tourist visa that permits you to visit Australia for various purposes.
    • You have six visa streams depending on the type of visit.
    • The common eligibility factor is that you should be a genuine visitor and have adequate financial support to let you stay in Australia for the specified period and return to your home country.

    About Visa Subclass 600

    As stated above there are six streams of Australian Visa Subclass 600.

    • Tourist Stream that allows you to apply for 600 Visa from Australia
    • Tourist Stream allowing you to apply for Subclass 600 from outside Australia
    • Sponsored Family Stream where a family member living in Australia supports your visit
    • Business Visitor Stream to enable people to visit Australia for business reasons
    • Approved Destination Status Stream is a specialized visitor Visa 600 allowing Chinese citizens from specific areas to visit Australia on tours conducted by approved travel agents
    • Frequent Traveller Stream that permits frequent Chinese visitors travelling to Australia for personal or business reasons

    a)Tourist Stream – Permitting to apply from Australia

    • This tourist visitor visa is a temporary visa that lets you stay up to a maximum of 12 months in Australia as a tourist.
    • The objective of your visit should be to visit your family or as a tour member of a cruise and for purposes other than business or medical treatment.
    • The maximum length of your stay depends on a case to case basis. Tourists cannot remain in Australia beyond the date mentioned in the visa grant letter.
    • This tourist visa 600 allows you to study or train in Australia for a maximum 3-month period.
    • It is a multiple-entry visa.
    • This visa is not extendable, but you can apply for another visa.
    • Each family member has to apply individually.
    • You can be in Australia when you apply for this visitor Visa Subclass 600.
    • This visa does not allow you to work in Australia.

    b) Tourist Stream – Apply from outside Australia

    This visitor class 600 visa is similar to the stream discussed above but is different in the sense that you have to be outside Australia when you apply for this visa stream.

    • This temporary visa allows you to remain in Australia for a period ranging from three months to 12 months depending on a case to case basis.
    • The duration of your visa depends on how long you want to stay in the country and the purpose of your stay.
    • It does not allow you to stay in Australia for more than twelve consecutive months in an eighteen-month period.
    • Parents of Australian permanent residents or citizens can obtain this visa for more than 12 months and up to five years subject to fulfilment of specific conditions. They should have applied for the Subclass 103 Parent (Migrant) visa.
    • Family members have to apply individually for this tourist visa subclass 600.

    c) Sponsored Family Stream

    This Visa 600 stream permits parents and other relatives of Australian permanent residents or citizens to visit them. The primary condition is that the Australian citizen/permanent resident should sponsor the visit.

    • This Visa 600 under the sponsored family stream is a temporary visa for a maximum of 12 months.
    • This visa lets you stay in Australia to visit family and friends. It also permits you to study or train for a maximum of three months. If the study period is more, it is advisable to apply for an appropriate student visa.
    • You cannot work on this visa.
    • This visa is a multiple-entry visa thereby entailing that you can go out and return to Australia as long as it is valid.
    • There is no provision to add family members to this visa. Each member has to apply for a separate visa.
    • You have to be outside Australia when you apply for this visa and also when the department decides on the fate of your application.

    d) Business Visitor Stream

    • Business people can use this Australian tourist visa subclass 600 to visit Australia for business purposes.
    • This visa allows you to make business or employment inquiries. You can also negotiate business contracts while in Australia on this visa. It also allows you to participate in trade fairs or conferences, but the organizers should not pay for the same.
    • This visitor class Visa 600 does not permit you to work in Australia. You cannot provide services to an Australian-based business organization. At the same time, you cannot sell your products or services directly to the public.
    • Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation Business Travel Card holders with “AUS” printed on the reverse side of the card need not apply for this visa if they wish to enter Australia for short-term business activities. This card is valid for five years,
    • This temporary visa permits you to stay in Australia for a maximum of twelve months. You have to apply for another visa if you wish to extend your stay.
    • You cannot include any family members in your visa.

    e) Approved Destination Status Stream – Specific Chinese citizens

    • Visitors from specific areas of China can visit Australia on organized tours arranged by approved travel agents.
    • This visa allows you to participate in activities conducted by the tours.
    • You have to leave Australia along with your tour group before the visa expires.
    • This temporary visa is available as either a single-entry or multiple-entry visa.
    • This visa does not allow you to add family members to it. Each member has to apply separately.
    • The applicant has to reside in the People’s Republic of China at the time of lodgment of the visa as well as when the department decides on its fate.

    f) Frequent Traveler Stream – Chinese residents

    • Chinese citizens travelling to Australia for personal or business reasons can apply for this visa.
    • This visa allows you to go on a cruise, be a tourist, or enjoy a holiday.
    • This Visa 600 allows you to undertake specific business visitor activities.
    • This special 10-year validity visa allows you to enter Australia as many times as you like, but each visit should not exceed three months. Secondly, your overall stay should not be more than 12 months in a 24-month period.
    • Each family member has to apply separately for this visa.
    Requirements and Checklist

    When you apply for an Australian visa, you should furnish genuine and valid information. Furnishing false or misleading information not only delays the processing but also results in the imposition of penalties by the Australian authorities. We assist you in providing accurate information and help you procure your visa.

    Visa Subclass 600 Requirements
    Rules and Conditions

    Australian visas come with both pre-conditions and specific post-grant conditions. You need to fulfil conditions before applying for visa 600. Similarly, the department might stipulate post-grant conditions. You have to fulfil such conditions if you find them on your visa grant letter.

    We shall discuss these conditions in the course of the following paragraphs.

    Visa Subclass 600 Rules
    Processing Time

    Tourist visas need quick processing times. Secondly, these visas are short-term visas. There is not much processing because these visas have simple eligibility norms.

    Visa Subclass 600 Processing Time
    Fee & Cost

    The Subclass visitor visa 600 does not allow multiple applicants in a single visa. Each family member has to apply separately for his/her visa. Therefore it becomes easy to estimate the visitor visa 600 fees.

    Visa Subclass 600 Fees

    Frequently asked questions

    1. What are the eligibility criteria for Subclass 600 Visitor Visa?

    600 Visa or Visitor Visa is meant for tourists, business visitors, or those who want to visit their family in Australia for up to 12 months. 600 visa applicants must have enough funds to support themselves during their stay in Australia.

    2. What is the cost of a Subclass 600 Visitor Visa?

    Business visitors, Tourists outside Australia, and applicants choosing the Sponsored Family stream have to pay AUD 145 for Visa Subclass 600. The sponsor of a family member may have to pay a security bond. Those who are already in Australia on a visa that is soon expiring, and want to stay longer in Australia as a tourist will have to pay AUD 365 for Visa 600.

    3. What is the processing time of Subclass 600 Visitor Visa and its validity?

    Tourists outside Australia and business visitors may have to face COVID-19 restrictions right now. Typically, business visitors are granted 600 visa in 4-9 days. For Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) Business Visitors, 600 visa processing time may be up to 7 months. Most tourists may get their visas approved between 5 and 10 months while sponsored family members may get their visa application processed between 7 and 12 months.

    4. What is Subclass 600 Visitor visa and what are the benefits?

    Visitor Visa is meant for business visitors, those who want to visit their families in Australia, or tourists who want to explore the country. A 600 visa holder cannot work in Australia but can do volunteering under the Tourist stream. He or she can also attend short courses with a duration of fewer than 3 months.

    5. What are the requirements for Subclass 600 Visitor visa?

    A 600 visa holder must leave Australia before the visa expires. He or she must have funds to cover the costs of living in Australia, meet all the health and criminal record requirements, and inform the authorities about his/her itinerary and schedule in Australia. Those who want to stay in Australia for 12 months may have to acquire health insurance.

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