Visa Subclass 400 (Temporary Work Short Stay Specialist Visa)

    Australia’s Temporary Visa Subclass 400 is granted to those who will be working in a temporary, short-term highly-specialised job. However, the work or activity must not be ongoing. This visa is granted to you by the authorities if you are invited or supported by the organisation you are working for in Australia. You also need to have special skills, knowledge and experience required for that particular business in Australia.

    With this visa, you can work in a temporary, high-skilled job for a shorter duration of time. In restricted circumstances, you can participate in the work or activities that are in the interest of Australia like helping in the time of national emergency. You can bring the family members with you but they can’t work or study in Australia.

    Temporary work visa Australia allows you to stay for up to 3 months in Australia. The limit can be extended to up to 6 months in limited circumstances. You can’t stay longer simply by extending this visa. In order to stay for more than 3 months, you have to provide a strong business case with your application.

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    The 400 visa is for those who have specialised skills to do a high-skilled job in Australia and would like to stay in the country for only a short duration of time. You can include family in the application any time before the authorities take the decision on your application. The family members you can include in your visa application can be your partner, your dependent child or the dependent child of your partner. However, the family members need to meet all the health and character requirements and are not allowed to study or work in Australia. You will also have to show that you have sufficient finances for you and your family to stay in Australia.

    There is no age limit specified for this visa. You just need to have the required specialised skills, qualifications and experience to perform the job and are required to be invited by the organisation in Australia for whom you are working.

    Processing Time

    The processing time of the temporary residence visa for Australia is between 17 days and 25 days. The processing time can increase if the form is not filled correctly, the required documents and information is not provided duly and/or the application charge is not paid on time. The verification process also may also be instrumental in causing a delay in processing of your visa.

    Our visa and immigration consultants can help you to reduce the processing time by helping you in the application process and making sure all the information and documents are provided properly.

    Fee & Cost

    The temporary visa to Australia costs AUD 285 for the main applicant. You will not need to pay any fee if you are travelling to Australia as a representative of the foreign government or listed in a legislative instrument. You will also have to pay the additional fees for every co-applicant included in your application.

    You will also have to pay for the costs of health assessment, character assessment and biometrics. One must not forget that these costs are not included in the official application fees.

    Rules and Conditions

    With Australia temporary work visa subclass 400, you can stay and work for the organization that has invited you for the time period of 3 months. This period can be extended up to 6 months in limited circumstances. You cannot stay longer on this visa by extending it. Besides, visa 400 may either be granted as the single-entry visa (which means that if you leave Australia you cannot re-enter the country) or as the multiple-entry visa (which allows you to travel in and out of Australia multiple times).

    In order to get this visa, you have to fulfil certain requirements related to your health, finances and character. You will also need to have a health insurance to cover the medical expenses in case you require any treatment when you are still in Australia. You will also have to meet the English Language requirement by passing any of the tests with the necessary score. Your income must be sufficient to support yourself and the dependents. You must have paid all the debts of the Australian government and must not have any cancelled and refused visa incidents.

    Requirements and checklist

    The documents you will need to produce to prove that you fulfil all the Australia temporary work visa requirements are as follows:

    • Duly-filled application form
    • Proof of qualification
    • Proof of skills
    • Proof of invitation by the organization in Australia.
    • Evidence of health insurance
    • Health certificate from authorized healthcare professional
    • Character certificate from local police authorities
    • Results of English proficiency test
    • Proof showing you have sufficient money to support yourself and the dependents in Australia
    • 4 passport-sized photographs.

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