What is 482 visa?

482 Visa or Temporary Skill Shortage Visa is a temporary visa that allows an employer to sponsor an appropriately skilled worker for a position for which they cannot find a suitably skilled Australian. This visa allows the sponsored worker to work in Australia for their sponsor employer for up to 4 years. You can even study in Australia without government’s assistance and travel in and out of Australia multiple times until your 482 visa is valid.

This visa is provided to the people depending upon the nomination filed by the employer, and their qualifications, skills and experience they have related to the nominated occupation. One can apply for 482 visa through three streams: short-term, medium-term, and labour agreement. If you have the required qualifications, skills and experience for the occupation your employer is going to sponsor you for, you can immigrate to Australia for the maximum time period of 4 years with this visa.

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As mentioned earlier, visa 482 is meant for migrating to Australia for filling up the positions that are not filled because the employers fail to find suitably skilled Australians for them. You need to be sponsored for this purpose and can work for your sponsor, study and travel in Australia for the time period of 4 years. You can even include your partner, your child and your partner’s child in your visa application. Your family members have to follow the same rule that you are following.

There is no age limit to apply for 482 visa. You just need to have required qualification, skills and at least 2 years of experience of the nominated occupation. You need to sponsored by the authorized sponsor.

Processing Time

482 visa has different streams and processing time for all of them is comparatively lower than that required for permanent visas. For the short-term stream, the required processing time extends from 43 days to 70 days. For the Medium-term stream, the processing time lies between 38 days to 66 days and for the Labour agreement stream, it is can take 35 days to 52 days depending upon the various factors involved.

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Visa Subclass 482 Processing Time
Fee & Cost

You will have to spend around AUD 1,175 as the 482 visa cost for the short-term stream for the main applicant and for each dependent of the age 18 years and above. The fee for every dependent under the age of 18 years is AUD 290. 482 visa cost for the Medium-term stream and the Labour agreement stream is AUD 2,400 for the main applicant and for each dependent above the age of 18. Visa 482 cost for every dependent below the age of 18 is AUD 615 for both these streams.

The fees mentioned above are the official 482 visa fees and does not include the costs of English language test, health assessment, character assessment by police and biometrics.

Visa Subclass 482 Fees
Rules and Conditions

With working visa 482 for Australia, you can work for your sponsor for maximum 4 years, study with no government assistance and travel in and out of Australia multiple times during the validity period of the visa.

According to 482 visa conditions for the short-term stream, you can stay in Australia temporarily. In most of the cases, you can stay for 2 years. If you are a Thai citizen or national, you may stay for 3 years. If the International Trade Obligations apply, you may stay for 4 years. For the Medium-term stream, you can stay in Australia for up to 4 years. You can even apply for permanent residence if you are eligible. Through the Labour agreement stream, you can stay in Australia for up to maximum 4 years based on the terms and conditions in your Labour agreement and validity of your visa.

You can include family members in your application when you apply for this visa. 482 visa immigration rules are applicable to them and they have to meet all the requirements. There is no age limit to apply for this visa and you need to have sufficient English level.

However, your visa 482 application will be rejected if your visa was cancelled or refused previously.

Visa Subclass 482 Rules
Requirements and Checklist

The documents required for visa subclass 482 are as follows:

  • ID proof (such as birth certificate, Aadhaar card, passport, proof of change of name etc.)
  • Health documents (send directly by the physician electronically)
  • Character certificate and police certificates
  • Documents supporting the details filled in the form and prove your eligibility
    1. Nomination from your sponsor
    2. Your Skills Assessment
    3. English Proficiency Test Result
    4. Proofs of Educational Qualifications and Work Experience
    5. Document regarding relationship status
  • Documents related to health insurance
  • Labour agreement if you are going to work for Labour agreement stream
  • Any other documents requested by the Australian authorities.
Visa Subclass 482 Requirements
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