The very famous International English Language Testing System, also known as IELTS, is curated in a way to test the English of the candidates who want to visit/travel/move/study in the countries that have the English language as their first language of communication. 

    The IELTS test is led by the IDP, Cambridge and the British Council. Valuation is done in English only for both academics as well as candidates of general training. At Visa2Immigration, we give you the best online learning platform for you to prepare for the test according to your ease and preferable time. You can schedule your day accordingly. 

    The Listening Test

    Listening is the first part of the overall IELTS test. Whether the candidates are opting for general training or academic IELTS test, they need to take the same listening test. This test is divided into 4 parts and there are in total 40 questions. 

    The first two parts of the test i.e., parts 1 and 2 of the test are set in a social setting whereas parts 3 and 4 are set in an academic context. The audio features from different English-speaking countries like North America, Australia, New Zealand and British. 

    The catch here is that the audio is played only one and thus, one cannot afford to lose concentration even for a fraction of a second. 

    The time given for the listening test is of 30 minutes. 

    However, if the candidate is appearing for the test that is not computer-delivered but is paper-based, extra 10 minutes are provided to the candidate to jot down the responses to their answer sheets. The ability and presence of mind of a candidate to absorb detailed information, understand the main ideas, different altitudes of the speaker, and the purpose and importance of a particular word is also tested. 

    Every question carries 1 mark that is later converted into band scores. The band scores range from 1 to 9. The questions are mostly different words with similar meanings (synonyms). The candidates are supposed to be very attentive as there is negative marking on every grammar as well as spelling mistakes made by the candidate. 

    The four different sections of the listening test:

    • Audio description: A conversation takes place between two speakers that could be about anything. For example, asking about an address or collecting information about any clubs, restaurant or could be about travel. 
    • Audio description: A speech on any general topic but with a transactional purpose. For example, providing information about a local community event, a travel guide giving information about any tourist spot. 
    • Audio description: The third part is more of a conversation taking place between two main speakers. That means that both parties play a vital role in the context of that particular topic of discussion. For example, two students discussing an assignment for submission, a student discussing their project with their mentor or tutor. 
    • Audio description: A monologue or a speech in an academic context. For example, a seminar, a lecture. 

    How to increase your IELTS Band score in the Listening Section?

    Visa2immigration offers complete visa processing packages. We realized that many of our candidates are facing problems due to low IELTS scores – especially in the Listening section. They can read, write, and speak English fluently but they face problems when it comes to listening to different English accents.

    Hence, we are offering Online Training Classes for candidates where we offer study material, practice tests, and dedicated trainers to help you develop all the four skills of the English language well. 

    With the help of our packages, you will be able to win a high IELTS band score – overall, and in all the different sections of the test. 

    You can choose one of the following Visa2Immigration IELTS online coaching programs:




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    How long is the IELTS listening test?
    The listening test lasts for 30 minutes. 

    How can I improve my listening skills?
    This is why we are here. At Visa2Immigration, we offer you online courses for you to sit back at home and practice according to your schedule and practice as many times as you want. We all know that practise makes a man perfect and the more you polish your listening skills, the more it will help you. 

    How many sections are there in the listening test?
    The listening test is divided into 4 sections.

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