Temporary Graduate Visa Subclass 485 For Australia Immigration


    Visa Subclass 485 (Temporary Graduate Visa)


    • Temporary Graduate Visa Subclass 485 is the most important visa for any student completing his/her Graduation/Masters education in Australia.
    • This visa allows the student to live, study, and work in Australia for a minimum of 18 months that can extend up to two to four years after finishing his/her degree.
    • As the name suggests, this visa is temporary

    About This Visa

    • The Temporary Graduate Subclass 485 Visa comes in two parts.
      1. Graduate Work Stream – For international students have graduated with the qualifications and skills necessary for specific occupations that Australia needs
      2. Post-Study Work Stream – Available to international students with a degree from an Australian university/institution
    • This visa permits students to live, study, and work full-time in Australia after completing their respective qualifications
    • The students can also bring their immediate family members of the family to reside with them.

    The validity of Visa Subclass 485

    • The Graduate Work stream Visa is valid for usually 18 months
    • The Post-Study Work Stream Visa allows students to stay for a minimum of two and maximum of four years depending on their educational qualifications.
    • The Government is not responsible for arranging for employment to the students. They have to find their jobs.
    • The stay period under the Post-Study Work Stream Visa is as follows
      1. Bachelor's degree including honours, and Master's Degree by Coursework – Two years
      2. Master’s Degree by Research – Three Years
      3. Doctorate Degree – Four Years
    • This Visa 485 is not extendable under any circumstances. The student might become eligible for some other skilled work visa. Students can access the website of Home Affairs and check out the same using the Visa Finder Option.
    • Your countdown starts from the date of the grant of Visa 485.

    Travelling Concessions

    Subclass 485 Visa is a multi-entry visa. You are free to travel outside Australia. There are no restrictions on your return as long as this visa is valid. However, your period of stay outside Australia does not in any way extend the validity of Visa Subclass 485.

    Persons you can include in this Visa

    • You can add your immediate family members in Visa 485. Family members constitute the following.
      1. Spouse or partner (person with whom you are in a de-facto relationship)
      2. Children up to eighteen years of age
      3. If your child is a student studying in a full-time course, you can submit the evidence and include children above 18, but the maximum age limit is 23 years
      4. There are no age restrictions for children suffering from any physical or mental disabilities provided they are financially dependent on you.
    • Other than children, you cannot add any family member in the period between submitting your primary application and the decision.
    • This Subclass Visa 485 allows your family to apply separately and join you as a subsequent entrant after the grant of Visa 485.

    Eligibility Norms

    As mentioned earlier, this visa comprises two parts. The eligibility norms for both these parts are approximately the same.

    • The primary applicant should be less than the age of 50 years
    • You should hold a current student visa. In case of the Post-Study Work Stream Subclass 485, your student visa issue date should be after 5th November 2011. Applicants who had a student visa within the last six months and now holding a Bridging Visa A or B are also eligible for Visa Subclass 485. Those applicants who have a substantive visa today having held a student visa in the past six months are also eligible to apply.
    • This visa is not available for applicants who have held a Subclass 485 or 475 Visa in the past as a primary visa holder.
    • The primary applicant should satisfy all Australian study requirements to be eligible for this Visa 485.
    • Those applying under the Graduate Work Stream should possess the qualifications and skills necessary for working in Australia. The applicants wishing to do so under the Post-Study Work Stream should hold a Bachelor’s, Master’s or Doctoral degree in a CRICOS recognized course.
    • The applicant should possess the requisite English proficiency skills. Alternatively, the applicant should hold a valid passport from English-speaking countries like the US, Canada, Ireland, or New Zealand.
    • The applicant should have adequate health insurance as per stipulated norms.
    • Satisfying health and character requirements are compulsory for the applicant and eligible family members who join as co-applicants.
    • The applicant should not have any dues pending with the Australian Government.
    • Any previous history of cancellation or refusal of any Australian visa renders you ineligible for Visa Subclass 485.

    Procedure for applying for Visa 485

    • Applicants in the Post-Study Work Stream should apply for Visa 485 within six months of successful completion of their course. Those applying in the Graduate Work Stream should ensure to apply within six months of expiry of student visa if they do not hold a student visa at the time of application.
    • The services of immigration agencies are available to assist you with the Visa 485. We support such applications and assist you with the submission of documents and applying for Visa 485.
    • Collect all the documents as listed out in the checklist section and be ready to apply for Visa 485. Some documents can take time to get. You should arrange to have them with you at the time of application to avoid unnecessary delays.
    • When applying for Visa 485 Post Study Work Stream, the applicants should ensure that their student visa does not have conditions like 8534 or 8503 (No-stay conditions). If so, you have to apply on the paper form. Otherwise, you have to apply online using your ImmiAccount. Those applying for the Graduate Work Stream can do so online as well as using paper forms.
    • Pay the applicable Visa fee online using your ImmiAccount.
    • After you apply for the Visa Subclass 485, you have to wait because every visa has a processing time. We shall discuss the processing times separately.

    We assist you with applying for Visa Subclass 485 under both the streams as applicable.

    Requirements and Checklist

    Applying for an Australian visa is a challenging task. One has to be meticulous in their approach. A small mistake can cost heavily. Hence, seeking the assistance of immigration consultants is common. We assist you in completing the formalities easily.

    Visa Subclass 485 Requirements
    Rules and Conditions

    All visas are subject to fulfilment of specific conditions. Similarly, applicants have to satisfy Subclass 485 visa conditions. Some of the requirements are pre-application conditions whereas some are post-issuance conditions.

    Visa Subclass 485 Rules
    Processing Time

    All Australian visas require specific processing times. Various factors come into play when processing visa applications. The department has to verify various documents before deciding on visa applications.

    Visa Subclass 485 Processing Time
    Fee & Cost

    Every Australian visa requires applicants to pay the visa fees upfront. The department does not assess the applications if the applicant has not paid the appropriate visa fee as applicable to this specific visa.

    Visa Subclass 485 Fees
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