IELTS Practice Test

    IELTS practice tests are an excellent way to test anybody’s proficiency in English. Some people can be great at listening but lack proper skills of speaking English. A score of a minimum of 6 points is mandatory for admission to institutions, organizations, and immigration in countries with the English language.

    The IELTS practice tests help you prepare for the test if you’re somebody seeking education and employment in these countries. There are two categories of the test, and therefore the practise tests also vary from the Academic module to the General Training Module. The former is used by people seeking higher education in English-speaking countries, whereas the latter is used for employment and immigration.

    Each IELTS test we offer is a full-length mock IELTS test with the following sections:


    The first task involves describing graphs, maps, and diagrams, and the second task is an essay writing assignment for the Academic Module.

    For the general module candidates, the first task involves letter writing, while the second is an essay writing assignment.


    This section of evaluation does not vary from academic to general training modules. There are four sections, and each section gets more challenging as one proceeds. Not scoring well in the fourth is fine but the first three must be well prepared for.


    The assignment here involves comprehension-type questions wherein the candidates are asked to respond to 3 reading paragraphs in an hour. The two modules have different reading passages. The time limit is quite abundant if the candidate is well versed.


    This section, again, does not vary from the Academic to the General Training Modules. The first part involves engaging in simple conversations revolving around work, hobbies, and other small talk topics. The second part involves making a two-minute speech on any topic that the examiner puts forward for you.

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