Child Visa Subclass 802 For Australia Immigration


Visa Subclass 802 (Child Visa)


  • With this Subclass 802 visa, a child can reside in Australia permanently along with its parents.
  • On migrating as a permanent resident to Australia, a child can study and have access to Medicare
  • In the future, a child h
  • as a right to apply for Australian citizenship provided it satisfies all eligibility norms.

Our experts can help you obtain this child Visa 802. However, we shall go into the details of Visa 802 and help you to understand the technicalities involved in it.

About this Visa 

Subclass 802 child visa allows a child to live permanently in Australia with its parents. While residing in Australia, a child has the right to study as well as work in Australia. Child visa 802 entails that a child can enrol in Australia’s public healthcare program, Medicare.

In the future, a child can apply for Australian citizenship if the situation arises. It has to satisfy specific conditions to become eligible for citizenship of the country. 802 visa allows a child to sponsor its relatives to visit Australia.

Travelling to and from Australia

Visa 802 does not restrict a child from travelling out of Australia. It permits the child to travel to and from Australia as many times as it wants within five years from the issuance of the child visa 802.

If a child wishes to travel after an initial five-year travel facility, it should adhere to the following procedure.

  • The child should apply for a Resident Return Visa also known as RRV to enable it to re-enter Australia as a permanent resident.
  • As this visa allows a child to apply for Australian citizenship, they can do so subject to fulfilling the required conditions. If they acquire Australian citizenship, they do not need any separate visa to re-enter Australia.

Length of Stay

Child visa Australia entitles a child to become a permanent resident of Australia. Hence, Child Visa 802 is a permanent visa as it allows a child to stay in Australia for an indefinite period.

Multiple Children

If a child has brothers and sisters, each one of them requires a separate child visa 802. However, if there are dependent children to the primary child applicant, there is a provision to include their names to the main application before the Embassy decides its status. However, dependent children of the principal applicant should also meet the health requirement. Dependent children not coming to Australia should also satisfy the health requirements necessary for obtaining an Australian visa.

Eligibility Norms

Here are the eligibility norms for applying for a child visa Australia

  • A child should be dependent on its parent who is an Australian permanent visa holder, an Australian or New Zealand citizen. It could be their biological child, stepchild, or even an adopted child subject to the satisfaction of Australian laws regarding adoption.
  • A child should generally be under 18 years of age. If a child has a disability, it can be over 18 years. Similarly, if a child is studying full-time, it can be more than 18 years but less than 25 years.
  • A child should have an approved sponsor, and it should be a parent or a parents’ spouse.
  • A child should not be married, engaged, or in a de-facto relationship. If a child is above 18, it should not have ever married or been in a de-facto relationship.
  • A child should satisfy the health requirements as stipulated by the Home Affairs Department of the Australian Government.
  • Children over 16 years of age should satisfy the character requirement as per the rules laid down by the Australian Government.
  • If a child or its family members have any debt due for payment to the Australian Government, they should either repay it or have a formal agreement of repayment.
  • Children aged over 18 years should read and acknowledge the Australian Values Statement.
  • A child should not have been refused an Australian visa nor had a visa cancellation before.
  • If a child is below 18 years of age, it should have the consent of everyone legally eligible to decide the child’s future. There should be no legal restriction from the home country for a child to apply for this child visa 802.
  • Recently, there has been an amendment to the child visa 802 eligibility where the Home Affairs Department of the Australian Government can refuse to grant this visa if it is not in the best interests of the child less than 18 years of age.

Procedure for application for Child Visa 802

Applying for a child visa Australia is an easy process. Our experts can assist you in this matter. However, one should be aware of the procedural aspects.

  • Before you apply for the visa, check the validity of the child’s passport. Also, ensure that the applicant has a legal right to apply for this child visa.
  • Collect all individual documents required for applying to Visa 802 such as identity, travel, child’s relationship with its parents, financial documents of sponsoring individual, character, and dependents under 18 years, photographs, and so on.
  • You can apply online for child visa 802. Alternatively, apply for a visa on paper by downloading the necessary forms such as Form 47CH for migration and Form 40CH for sponsoring a child to migrate. You cannot apply in person. Pay the required fees through online portal payment facility in ImmiAccount and send the form by post/courier to the address listed out in the application form. Alternate payment methods are also available. We help you complete the payment successfully.

After applying for this child visa, you will get a confirmation about the receipt of your application. This process can take time. We shall discuss processing times and costs involved along with rules and conditions you have to follow. Keep reading to know more about the Subclass 802 Visa.

Processing Time

Usually, all visa applications need time for their processing. The processing times for some visas are less whereas some visas take more time for processing. We help you with the applications and completion of other formalities required for Visa 802. Utilizing our services for applying for the 802 Visa ensures error-free submission that can reduce the 802 visa processing times considerably.

Usually, it takes between 12 to 17 months as Subclass 802 processing time.

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Fee & Cost

As on date, you need to spend a minimum of AUD 2470 for applying for Child Visa 802. In addition to 802 visa fee cost, you incur additional expenses depend on the circumstances. Remember that this 802 visa cost does not include other costs like your health assessment tests and visa-related other expenditures.

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Rules and Conditions

Usually, Australian visas come with various conditions, especially concerning work, receiving payments, tax conditions, and so on. Note that there are no Subclass 802 visa conditions. However, you should ensure to follow the prescribed rules.

Subclass 802 visa is an e-visa. Hence, there will not be any endorsement on your child’s passport.

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Requirements and Checklist

Your child has to satisfy eligibility norms to enable you to apply for Visa 802. Compared to other subclass visas in Australia, the 802 visa requirements are minimal. However, one should complete the formalities and satisfy the Subclass 802 visa requirements. We help you to collect and assimilate the necessary information and apply for Subclass Visa 802.

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