Quebec Immigration

    Quebec is the largest of the thirteen provinces in Canada. The language of the province is French and people here love their French heritage. Immigrants favour Quebec for various reasons, including its impeccable food, music, and nightlife. It has stunning landscapes, warmth, and a multicultural lifestyle.

    The living cost in Quebec is lower than many other provinces of Canada though it offers similar benefits to Canadian citizens and residents. It has a world-class educational system and highly-reputed universities (such as Concordia University and McGill University). It also has one of the best healthcare and transport systems along with the insurance coverage for all its residents.

    Quebec's economy is strong with the highest growth reported in the manufacturing and service sectors. Thus, it offers good job opportunities to people who want to settle down here. Unlike what most people believe, it is not necessary to know French to come to Quebec though knowing the language can make living in Quebec easier for you. Skilled workers who do not know French are eligible to apply for its immigration program.

    This province does not participate in Canada's Express Entry program. Those who want to settle in Quebec province as a skilled worker have to apply to the Government of Quebec for a Quebec Selection Certificate (Certificat de sélection du Québec [CSQ]) first. Once the Quebec selects you, you have to apply to the IRCC which screens you for admission to Canada.

    Quebec Immigration Processing Time

    Quebec doesn’t participate in the Express Entry program. Hence, skilled workers and other applicants who want to migrate to Quebec have to apply through the regular application process. Quebec government processes immigration applications within 6 months but IRCC takes another 15-17 months to process the applications of skilled workers who want to migrate to Quebec province in Canada.

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    Quebec Immigration Fee & Cost

    Besides IRCC, the Quebec government also charges immigration application fees. It charges C$ 812 for the main applicant and C$174 per person for other co-applicants. You also need that you have sufficient financial resources to cover the immigration costs to Quebec and settle down there.

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    Quebec Immigration Rules & Conditions

    The selection for the Regular Skilled Worker Program is based on several factors, such as:

    • Age,
    • Being related to a Canadian citizen or a permanent Québec resident,
    • Education and training level,
    • English and French proficiency,
    • Funds to sustain yourself and your family during your first three months in Québec,
    • No. of dependents you have,
    • Previous stay in Québec (Programme de l'expérience québécoise  (PEQ) or  Québec Experience Program is a quick and easy way to win a PR approval in Quebec. If you have worked or studied in the province, you can avail of it to gain more points.)
    • Spouse’s abilities (if applicable),
    • Valid job offer validated by the Ministère, and
    • Work experience.
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    Express Entry Program for Canada Requirements & Checklist

    Quebec Immigration Requirements & Checklist

    Applicants to the Regular Skilled Workers Program interested in settling down in the Quebec province must meet a cut-off of 50 (without a spouse) or 59 (with a spouse) on the Quebec Skilled Worker selection grid.

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