Working Holiday Visa Subclass 417 For Australia Immigration


Visa Subclass 417 (Working Holiday Visa)

Overview of Visa 417

  • Young adults who want to spend their holidays in Australia while working there to fund their stay can apply for the Working Holiday Visa 417.
  • Visa 417 is a youngster’s visa, as one has to be between 18 and 30 years. Canadian and Irish citizens can be up to 35 years.
  • You should possess a valid passport from one of the eligible countries.
  • Visa 417 is a single-person visa, as your family members cannot accompany you to Australia on this visa.

About Working Holiday Visa 417

  • The Working Holiday Visa 417 is available in two parts, First Working Holiday Visa 417, and Second Working Holiday Visa.
  • This temporary visa lets you work in Australia and fund your holidays.
  • You can also study or undergo any training for up to four months.
  • You are free to travel in and out of the country as many times as you wish to do so inside the validity period of the 417 Visa.
  • When you are on the First Working Holiday Visa, you should do specified work for a minimum of three calendar months to become eligible for the Second Working Visa Subclass 417.

Duration of Stay

  • The maximum period of stay allowed in this Working Holiday visa is 12 months.
  • You must enter Australia within twelve months of the grant date of the visa 417. There is no possibility to alter this timeframe.
  • The department of Home Affairs does not extend the validity of the visa unless under extremely compelling circumstances like severe illness/death of a relative or family member residing in Australia. Alternatively, you can apply and obtain a visitor visa from outside Australia.

Work and Study in Australia

  • The working holiday Subclass 417 Visa permits you to study for a maximum of four months. If your primary objective is to study in Australia, you should opt for a student visa.
  • You can work in Australia as long as you are on this visa. However, you should ensure not to work for the same employer for more than six months during each of your stays in Australia under the First and Second Working Holiday Visa.
  • You need to do specified class 417 work if you wish to become eligible for the Second Working Visa 417.

Family Members

Family members cannot accompany you on this visa 417. They have to go for a separate visitor visa or any other eligible visa to be with you in Australia during your stay on Visa 417.

Eligibility Norms

As stated earlier, Visa 417 comes in two parts, the First Working Holiday Visa 417 and Second Working Holiday Visa 417. Let us look at the eligibility norms of both these visas.

First Working Holiday Visa 417

  • You should both be a citizen and hold a valid passport of any of these 19 countries.
  • The 19 countries comprise Belgium, Canada, Denmark, Cyprus, Finland, Estonia, Germany, France, Ireland, Hong Kong, Japan, Italy, South Korea, Netherlands, Malta, Sweden, Norway, Taiwan, Northern Ireland and the UK.
  • The minimum age for applying for Visa 417 is 18 years. The maximum age for Visa 417 for Canadian and Irish citizens is 35 years whereas it is 30 years for the other 17 countries.
  • It is compulsory that you should not have entered Australia by either using a Working Holiday 417 Visa or a Work and Holiday Subclass Visa 462.
  • You should have enough financial strength to sustain your 12-month stay in Australia. Usually, a sum of AUD 5000 should suffice for your initial stay and airfare.
  • Fulfilling health and character requirements are inevitable for all applicants.
  • Neither you nor any of your family members should have any dues pending to the Government. If there are any dues, you should either repay it or enter into an agreement towards repaying the same.
  • There should be no visa cancellation history while you were residing in Australia.
  • As you are more than 18, you should sign after reading the Australian values Statement and confirm having understood the same.

Second Working Holiday Visa 417

The applicant should satisfy all the eligibility conditions for the First Working Holiday Visa 417 except one.

  • You should have entered Australia before on your First Working Holiday Visa Subclass 417.

Apart from these conditions, you should fulfil the following additional criteria as well.

  • You should complete at least 3 months of specified work when you were in Australia on your First Working Holiday Visa 417.

Specified Work

The following industrial activities are in the approved industries for specified work for determining eligibility for Subclass Visa 417.

  • Plant as well as Animal Cultivation
  • Tree farming and felling
  • Pearling and Fishing
  • Construction and Mining

Specific restrictions apply such as you cannot maintain animals for recreational purposes or indulge in secondary processing of animal products, and so on.

Construction work can be in disaster-affected areas such as floods, bushfire, and so on.

Duration of work

You should do a minimum of 88 days or three months specified work to be eligible for the Second Working Holiday Visa. The 88 days include weekends and equivalent rest days during your employment period. You can work for more than one employer. Most importantly, you cannot complete your specified work requirement in less than three calendar months.

Where can you work?

You can do specified work in various states that comprise regional areas. Refer to the official site of the department to get an exhaustive list of locations where you can do specified work on your Visa 417.

Apply from

  • You have to apply for the First Working Holiday Visa 417 only from outside of Australia. Similarly, you should not be inside Australia when the department decides the fate of your visa application.
  • However, you can be inside Australia when you apply for the Second Working Holiday Visa. If so, it is compulsory for you to be in Australia at the time of the decision on your application as well.
  • You can also apply from outside Australia. Under such circumstances, you necessarily have to be outside Australia when the Home Affairs department decides on your application.
Processing Time

The processing time for the Visa 417 is a maximum of 42 days depending on the accuracy of the documents you upload at the time of applying for the visa. The department processes most of the applications within this deadline.

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Fee & Cost

The 417 Visa fees are AUD 450. However, you should have a higher budget because of various additional expenses. We shall go through the details and see why there is a difference between the Australia 417 visa fees and the cost of 417 Visa Australia.

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Rules and Conditions

The issuance of all visas is subject to the fulfilment of certain conditions. You need to satisfy some conditions before you submit an application for the visa. At the same time, the department can stipulate post-grant conditions. You have to fulfil them until the visa remains valid.

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Requirements and Checklist

We have stated that submission of accurate information is necessary to avoid delays in the assessing of your 417 Visa. As we are your immigration consultants, it is our responsibility to ensure that you accurately submit the required information. Here are the working holiday visa Australia requirements that you should follow to ensure error-free submission.

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