Dependent Child Visa

    Individuals who apply for permanent residence, work, study or visiting Canada are allowed to include their dependent children on their application. However, there can be chances that an individual in Canada wants to sponsor their dependent children to come and live with them. For such purpose, Canada provides the Dependent Children Sponsorship under Family Class Visas. Let us check the eligibility requirements for this visa and other details.

    The dependent child can also gain permanent residence status in Canada. For that purpose, the sponsor must apply for sponsorship of their child and at the same time, the dependent child must apply for permanent residence. Then, the child shall be able to study and work in Canada.

    Dependent Child Visa Processing Time

    The processing time of the application of a Dependent Child Visa is around 11 months. This processing time includes the time it would take for getting the biometrics done and also the time that it would take to assess the sponsor’s documentation (it is generally 23 days). This processing time mostly depends on whether the application submitted is complete or not and how many pending applications are there with CIC.

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    Dependent Child Visa Fee & Cost

    The application fee for sponsoring a dependent child is CAD 75 per child and the processing fee is CAD 75 per child. For any other dependent children included in the application, you are required to pay CAD 150 per child. The biometric fee per person is CAD 85. You are required to pay your fees online and include its receipt in your application.

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    Dependent Child Visa Rules & Conditions

    The sponsor must ensure the following:

    • They are 18 years of age or above
    • They are Canadian citizen, permanent resident or are living in Canada as per the Indian Act
    • They can care about the basic needs of food, shelter and other needs of everyday living of the dependent child

    The dependent child must ensure the following:

    • They are not more than 22 years of age. If they are above 22 years old they need to show that they have been dependent on their parents before the age of 22 as well
    • They do not have a spouse or common-law partner
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    Dependent Child Visa Requirements & Checklist

    Here is a quick document checklist that shall help you gather the documents for this visa:

    • Sponsorship application
    • An undertaking signed by the sponsor to support the dependent child in Canada
    • Sponsorship evaluation forms
    • Financial evaluation form if required 
    • Application Fees
    • Declaration by the dependent child 
    • The sponsor must provide documentation for their status in Canada, their employment details
    • Passport and identity proofs such as birth certificate, voter’s ID or school records 
    • Police clearance certificate if required
    • Photographs
    • Medical Clearance 
    • Proof of relationship with the sponsor

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