Parental and Grandparental Visa

    Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) allows the permanent residents, citizens and Indians registered under the Indian Act to sponsor their parents and grandparents to come and visit them in Canada. To obtain a visa for parents or grandparents, one can apply in any of the two programs by CIC. The first one is Family Class Sponsorship and the other is the Super Visa Program

    The family class sponsorship provides a multiple-entry visitor visa for parents and grandparents under which they may visit Canada for up to 6 months. The visitors can also extend their stay further. A super visa, on the other hand, allows the visitors to stay in Canada for up to 2 years without the need for an extension. Hence, one shall choose the visa to apply for depending upon their time of stay in Canada.

    Parental and Grandparental Visa Processing Time

    The average processing time for parental and grandparental family sponsorship visas is from 20 to 24 months. However, for parents and grandparents from India, the processing of a Super Visa is just 50 days. These processing times may vary depending on whether the application is correct and complete or not. It also depends on the previous applications submitted for approval to the CIC. Therefore, one must apply for a visa based on when they want to arrive in Canada.

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    Parental and Grandparental Visa Fee & Cost

    The parental and grandparental visitor visa application fee starts from CAD 1050. This also includes a biometrics fee. The super visa fee for parents and grandparents starts at CAD 100. Any third party fees for medical examination and police certificates are also applicable apart from these processing fees for a super visa. For visitor visas, medical and police certificates are not required at the time of applying. They might be required later.

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    Parental and Grandparental Visa Rules & Conditions
    • The sponsor must be of 18 years of age or above. 
    • They must have enough money to support their parents or grandparents in Canada. They should exceed the minimum necessary income level. 
    • The sponsor and the applicant have to sign an agreement that certifies that the sponsor will provide financial support to the applicants (parents and /or grandparents). 
    • The sponsor has to commit to providing this financial support for up to 20 years at least. 
    • They also need to buy medical insurance for at least one year for the applicant.
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    Parental and Grandparental Visa Requirements & Checklist

    To apply for Parental and Grandparental Visa you require the following:

    • Passport 
    • Interest of sponsorship form 
    • Invitation letter to complete the application
    • Financial evaluation for parents and grandparents
    • Declaration forms signed by the applicant 
    • Family information 
    • Processing fee receipts 
    • Supporting documents from Sponsor such as proof of their permanent residence in Canada, proof of income, relationship proof with the applicant

    Applying for this visa can be a tedious task as different forms are required. Consult with V2I immigration experts to know more about the Parental and Grandparental Visa and Super Visa requirements. Submit a complete and correct application with our assistance and ensure a smooth visit to Canada.

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