Family Based Provincial Nominee

    Canada immigration policies have always been designed ensuring that family ties are given importance. Its family-based provincial nominee visa categories allow the permanent residents or citizens of Canada, who are 18 years or older, to nominate their close relatives for immigration. However, this is applicable only for certain provinces as given below:

    • Manitoba
    • Newfoundland
    • Saskatchewan
    • Prince Edward Island

    The eligible sponsors can nominate the following family members to their province

    • Parents 
    • Grandparents 
    • Children 
    • Grandchildren 
    • Spouse, Common-Law Partner, Conjugal partner 
    • Other relatives (orphaned niece or nephew)

    The family-based provincial nominee visa is beneficial because it allows the close relatives of the person living in Canada to be able to come and live with them. The applicants will be able to work, study, and stay in Canada as per the rules of the province for which they are applying.

    Family-Based Provincial Nominee Processing Time

    The processing time of a visa application is the amount of time the immigration authorities take to assess the application and all the supporting documents submitted with it. For provincial nominee programs, the average processing time is 15 to 19 months. This processing time depends upon who is being sponsored, whether they are in Canada or outside Canada and whether they are applying for the first time or not. One must also ensure that their application is complete for smooth processing.

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    Family-Based Provincial Nominee Fee & Cost

    The application fee for provincial nominee programs begins from CAD 1325. However, along with the application fee, there can be additional costs such as biometric fees, medical clearance fees and police verification fees if required. Also, the applicant should have the required settlement funds. If they are dependent on the sponsor, they must sign an agreement that they will make efforts to enhance their financial conditions in Canada.

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    Family-Based Provincial Nominee Rules & Conditions

    There are different types of family-based provincial nominee visa as per the provinces such as the Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program (MPNP) – Family Support Visa, Newfoundland & Labrador Provincial Nominee Program (NPNP) – Family Connection Visa and Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program (SINP) – Family Members Visa.

    In general, the family-based provincial nominee visa applications consider the following:

    • Age of the applicant
    • Educational background of the applicant
    • Work experience of the applicant in their country of residence and/or in Canada
    • Job offer from the province In certain provinces, an employment offer letter from a local employer is also required
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    Family-Based Provincial Nominee Requirements & Checklist

    The applicant and sponsor should ensure that they have the following documents before they apply for the Family-Based Provincial Nominee visa:

    • English or French language proficiency test results (not older than 24 months)
    • Proof of funds 
    • Medical clearance certificate  
    • A letter of invitation from the sponsor to the family member they want to sponsor
    • The sponsor shall demonstrate they will be able to provide financial support to the applicant (for at least 3-10 years)
    • A declaration from the sponsor ensuring that they will be responsible for the basic needs of food, shelter and clothing of the family member they are sponsoring.

    If you want to move to Canada to your relative or if you are a permanent resident or citizen of Canada willing to sponsor their family member, connect with V2I experts today. Our experienced immigration experts will guide you through the process and shall ensure that your visa application gets accepted without any glitches.

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