Prospective Marriage Visa Subclass 300 For Australia Immigration


Visa Subclass 300 (Prospective Marriage Visa)

Overview– What is prospective marriage visa?

  • The Prospective Marriage Visa permits you to come to Australia and enter into a marital relationship with your prospective spouse.
  • This Visa 300 is a temporary status visa, but you can apply for a temporary/permanent Partner Visa (820 and 801) if you wish to continue residing in Australia with your spouse.
  • The Prospective Marriage Visa Australia allows you to study and work in Australia as well, but at your own expense.

About Visa Subclass 300

  • If your prospective spouse is an Australian citizen or an Australian permanent resident, you have the right to apply for the 300 Visa and come over to Australia to marry.
  • This visa subclass 300 paves the way for permanent resident status as it allows you to proceed and apply for the Partner Visa Subclass 820 Temporary and 801 Permanent Partner Visa.
  • You must be outside Australia while you apply for Visa 300. You should remain outside the country when they assess and decide on your 300 Visa application.

Duration of stay

  • The prospective marriage visa subclass 300 lets you remain in Australia for a maximum of nine months to marry your future spouse.
  • While on a prospective spouse visa, you can dream of continuing to reside in Australia, as you can apply for Visa 820 and subsequently the Permanent Partner subclass Visa 801.

Travel to and from Australia

  • During the validity period of the prospective partner visa, you can travel out of the country as many times as you want to do.
  • New Zealand passport holders have to be careful in the sense that they have to intimate the immigration officer that they possess a prospective marriage Visa 300. Failure to inform them can result in the grant of Visa Subclass 444, a special category visa. The subclass 444 Visa will put an end to your prospective spouse Visa 300.

Family Inclusion

  • You can include members of your family while applying for Visa 300.
  • Family members should be strictly those that fall within the laid-down definition of the term.
  • You can add them until the time the particular department decides in your case.
  • Check out the status from the website of the respective department if you give birth to a child after applying for your Visa 300.

Age Restrictions

  • The applicant should be at least 18 years old when submitting the application for this Visa 300.
  • Australian laws do not let you marry before you turn 18.

Eligibility factors

  • The prime eligibility criterion is that your prospective spouse should be in Australia as either in a permanent resident or citizen status.
  • Having a sponsor is compulsory for applying for Visa subclass 300. In this case, your prospective partner residing in Australia should be your sponsor. However, the department will have to approve the sponsor before you go ahead with your visa 300 application.
  • As Australian laws do not allow you to enter into marital relationships before turning 18, the minimum age for you to be eligible to apply for visa 300 is 18 years.
  • Any person who applies for the 300 Visa to Australia should satisfy health requirements.
  • Similarly, you have to meet the character requirements as well because Australian laws stipulate applicants more than 16 years old to do so.
  • Neither the principal applicant nor any family member should owe money to the Government. Note that family members who do not apply with you have to satisfy this condition as well. If you have any pending debt, be prompt and repay the same. Alternatively, have the arrangement to pay it off prior to application for the Visa 300.
  • A visa cancellation history, while residing in Australia earlier, makes the applicant ineligible to apply for Visa 300.
  • The department can reject the application if it decides that approving the visa does not serve the right interests of applicant children less than 18.

Know how to apply for Subclass 300 Visa?

Documentation is the most important aspect of applying for the prospective marriage Visa 300. You should make sure that you provide the correct documents for assessing your visa application. We provide immigration consultancy services whereby we guide you with the procurement of the appropriate documents and help you with your application process.

Note that you must not upload false information. The department verifies every document you submit. If they find any misleading information, they can deny the visa. Besides the refusal of the Visa 300, there can be a debarment for ten years whereby you cannot apply for an Australian visa for the following ten years.

Your relationship with your future spouse is crucial. You should prove the relationship with your prospective partner beyond doubt to the department. Submitting a statutory declaration by a supporting witness is necessary to prove the relationship. You also have to provide other documentary evidence. You can check out the list of documents in our Requirements and Checklists section.

Inform the department if you had been previously married or had been in a relationship in the past. Provide documentary evidence of the fact either by way of separation documents or statutory declarations.

Gather all your documents including the identity documents, financial documents, documents for dependents, etc. If you produce non-English documents, you must provide a translated copy for the assessment of your visa application.

You must pay the Visa 300 fees at the time of applying for the 300 visa for the concerned department to act on your applications. We provide assistance in uploading the documents through your ImmiAccount.

Wait for the visa processing to take place. You should not be present in Australia both at the time of application and at the decision.

Processing Time

Partner visas require more documentation as the applicants have to prove their relationship with their partners beyond any doubt. When it comes to prospective partners, the department has to be more vigilant. Hence, they require additional documents from various sources such as statutory declarations. Verifying the documents takes time. Accordingly, the prospective marriage visa processing time increases.

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Fee & Cost

The prospective marriage visa fee is AUD 7,160. Every family member that applies with you for this visa attracts a separate fee amount. You get a concession in the fee amount while you apply for the Visa 820 and Visa 801 while on the Visa 300.

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Rules and Conditions

Like all other Australian visas, the prospective marriage Visa 300 also has pre-conditions to satisfy. These conditions include age restrictions, availability of sponsorship, and the intention to marry your prospective partner while you are on this visa. Also, you could find some more conditions listed out in your visa approval letter.

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Requirements and Checklist

Satisfying conditions is compulsory for applying for Visa 300. However, you should know the specific requirements that will enable you to gather the requisite documents. Refer to our document checklist for 300 Visa. The documents that you need to upload include your identity documents, relationship proof documents, partner’s documents, co-applicants documents, and so on.

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