requirements and criteria for australian permanent residency

    In the current decade, Australia has become a preferred choice for migration. People opt to work and live in Australia for many reasons. First and foremost is the opportunity of varied skill-based jobs that come with a good pay packet. Casual works being available in abundance have created resurgence for an Australian pr visa, particularly among developing countries. The best part of doing a job in Australia is that the minimum wage here is quite high. A casual job worker in Australia gets paid better than those in European countries.

    Low unemployment rate coupled with the ever-growing economy is giving impetus to immigration to Australia. Multicultural society, low population density, low pollution level and the most modern infrastructural facilities catapult Australia to the most promising migration destination globally.

    Benefits of Permanent Residency in Australia

    There are many good reasons to stay and work in Australia. These reasons account for the onrush of people to get Australia PR from India or wherever their home countries are. Once you get the PR visa approval, you can stay for a longer duration in the new country you chose as your home. In few cases, you can soon attain eligibility for citizenship.

    Permanent visas of Australia are issued by the immigration authority in the five-year increment term. Subject to renewal, visas can be re-issued. You are a lucky one if you get hold of a PR visa and migrate to Australia for better work opportunities and scores of other benefits.

    Some of the top reasons why people vie to become permanent residents of Australia are:

    • An indefinite time span for staying in Australia
    • As long you have a valid visa at your disposal, you can travel freely in and out of Australia. You can even travel to New Zealand without a visa.
    • You get the right to put in your application for Australian citizenship.
    • You can avail the Right to Public Education.
    • Like the citizens of Australia, you can get legal and medical benefits. This includes free access to health and legal services at the government-subsidized rates.
    • You can avail the right to sponsor relatives back in your home country and pave a way for them to migrate to Australia. This right comes with a couple of clauses. Residence criteria must be fulfilled by family members sponsored by you, and you need to provide assurance that you will support them and take care of what they will need to live in Australia.
    • If you are an Australian PR visa holder, you can apply for jobs in the department of the overseas consular assistance.
    • You can even acquire the rights to stay, study, work and travel freely in New Zealand but only after the New Zealand Government gives the nod.
    • If your children are born during your stay in Australia, they will be automatically conferred Australian citizenship by birth.

    How to get permanent residency in Australia?

    The most important thing here is to have knowledge of visas which allow you to stay permanently in Australia. The most popular visas for getting PR in Australia are Visa subclasses 189 in the Skilled Independent Visa category and 190 in the Skilled Migration Visa Category.

    Usually people interested in migration to Australia opt for Australian PR visas that are either family-based or skill-based. Visas that allow you stay in Australia for an indefinite period in the family-based category include Partner Visas which include:

    • Visa Subclass 820
    • Visa Subclass 801

    You can also apply for Australian PR in the subclass 300 which fall under the category of Fiancée visa. But it has to be turned to visa subclass 820 by showing marriage document proofs because fiancée visa is a temporary visa.

    Permanent visa in Australia in the category of Skill-based Visas include:

    • Subclass 186 (Employer Nomination Scheme)
    • Subclass 187 (Regional Sponsored Migration Scheme Visa)
    • Subclass 188 (Business Innovation and Investment Visa)
    • Subclass 132 (Business Talent Visa)

    How to apply for Australian PR from India (or your home country)?

    Applying for permanent residency visa in Australia is not a difficult task if you know the steps and procedure for Australian PR. First, you must choose the right Australia PR visa category. Once that has been finalized, you need to collect necessary documents and submit your EOI (Expression of Interest) to SkillSelect , which is an online platform or system that collects EOIs and processes the received visa requests. Based on your EOIs, the Australian authorities judge whether you actually qualify for permanent residency in Australia or not and approve or reject your visa request.

    You need to wait for the approval from the Australian immigration authority. Once you get the nod and invitation for the visa type you have applied for, make no delay in submitting all the important supporting documents with your application form. Note that immigration officials can cancel your candidature if accurate details are not provided or you fail to submit the form and documents within 60 days from the receipt of your invitation.

    It is to be noted that the entire visa application process requires both online and offline activities. Thus, before applying, make an effort to know about the key requirements of Australian immigration.

    Australian Permanent Residency Requirements for Immigration

    Once you have familiarized yourself with the procedure of how to apply for Australian PR, you should know what the basic requirements are for permanent resident visa in Australia.

    Australian Immigration Authority has charted out these key requirements for the immigrants (from India as well as other places). They include:

    • Proper Documentations: You need to furnish important documents like education mark sheets, certificates, travel papers, English Language Proficiency Test Result (IELTS) and Skill Assessment Report certified by a relevant assessing authority.
    • Choosing the Visa Type/ Class: To apply for permanent residency in Australia you need to choose whether you want to go for a non-sponsored visa or a state-nominated one. Based on that, you can make selection from the PR visa subclass. Some of the favorite visas among these visa subclass 186 and 190 that fall under the category of Employer Nominated Visa and State Nominated Visa respectively. Subclass 189 belongs to the category of Non-Sponsored Visa.
    • SOL Step: After selecting the visa type, you should choose your preferred occupation from Skilled Occupation List (SOL). For non-sponsored visas (subclass 189), occupation should be selected from the SOL of Australia whereas for the nominated visa types (subclass 190), the selection should be done from the SOL of the respective Australian state from where you are nominated and where you are seeking the job.
    • EOI Step: Once the above formalities are over, you should now apply on the online point-based immigration system of Australia. More specifically, you should submit your EOI (Expression of Interest) on SkillSelect online systems furnishing minute details in respect to your profile, some of which are:
    • Age
    • Education qualifications
    • Work Experience
    • English Language Communication Skills

    Each of the above aspect carries points. Points vary depending on the importance and weight of the profile factor. Overall, the minimum score that can help you get pr visa in Australia is 65 (as per latest immigration pr revisions). More the score better is your chance for securing the visa invitation of your choice.

    • Health and Character Requisites: When you are planning to immigrate to Australia you should be medically and morally fit. You need to furnish health checkup certificates duly certified by a medical practitioner. You need to provide moral character certificate after you have gone through the character verification process.

    Criteria for PR in Australia

    Migrating to Australia is a cakewalk provided you fulfil the criteria and secure the minimum points because Australian PR(from India or elsewhere) is determined by a point-dependent immigration system. Good educational qualifications, work experience and English proficiency skills can fetch you better marks or points and guarantee that you can stay and work in Australia as a permanent resident.

    You should be below the age of 45 when you apply for the Australian immigration visa. The minimum score you need to secure is 65. You should not have any health issues and you should have a good moral record. You should not have any outstanding loan pending against your name.

    All your identity proof and relationship status proof of family members (if they are accompanying you) should be furnished without any errors or mismatches.

    Australian Immigration – Rules and Norms for Permanent Residency

    The flexibility of Australian PR visas makes Australia an ideal choice for migration. As already stated, securing points equaling 65 and above is the prime criterion. Before kickstarting your Australia PR application process, it is advisable to research about the Australian immigration rules for permanent residency. If necessary, you may also seek help from our online visa and immigration experts to get a clear picture of what you can expect once you become a permanent resident of your new destination country.

    Generally speaking, Australian immigration may process your PR visa more quickly if you have a higher point score. If you have a score of just 65 points, you may expect a processing time of at least a year currently. Those with a point score of 70 usually receive their invitations within a time frame of 5 to 6 months. People with a high score of 75 points may get invitation to apply for the visa within a month.

    Moreover, you need to apply for an occupation listed in Consolidated Skill Occupation List (CSOL) in Australia if you want to apply for Australian PR from Indiaor your home country. If your application is selected and you are invited, you will also have to go through the process of skill assessment.

    In case you are migrating with your family members, everyone should be competent in English. In case, family members fail the standards of English proficiency, extra visa fee has to be paid for getting the final visa approval for immigration to Australia.

    Australia Immigration PR Points Calculator

    When you apply for Australia immigration PR, you should necessarily be aware of the Points Calculator system available online on the official website. This will help you to self-assess whether you qualify for the Australia PR application or not.

    The maximum and minimum points are assigned to the profile based on different factors provided in the SkillSelect online immigration platform:

    AGE Visa applicants who are in the age bracket of 18 to 20 get a high score of 25 whereas those in the age bracket of 40 to 44 years get a minimum of 15 points.

    LANGUAGEThe maximum points allotted for English language proficiency is 20. This score is calculated on the basis of Speaking, Reading, Writing and Listening skills of a person.

    SKILLED EMPLOYMENT (Outside Australia)If the visa applicant has work experience of more than 8 years outside Australia, he can get the max score assigned i.e. 20 points. Experience below 3 years fails to score any points here.

    SKILLED EMPLOYMENT (In Australia)The max score for skilled workers with work experience exceeding 8 years is 20 points. Those who have work experience of less than a year fail to score any points here.

    EDUCATION LEVELThe highest score of 20 points are secured by applicants who have a Doctorate degree from an educational institution in Australia or from a reputed educational institute outside Australian territory.

    For Bachelor or Masters Degree holder, the score awarded is 15.

    Diploma or trade qualification completed in an Australian institute fetches 10 points.

    Award or a qualification approved by the authority that assesses your visa application in the skilled occupation category can also win you 10 points.

    Are there any other factors that can help you get Australian PR?

    There are some other areas where you can score some more points. You might want to check them out too. The immigration agents can guide, assist and provide consultation to you on how to get PR in Australia.

    The experienced agents can also guide as to how to convert your temporary visa to permanent residency visa in Australia. There are many young and meritorious individuals who are keen to migrate to Australia on a temporary basis by applying for subclass 482 visa as the first step, which provides them the right to stay and work in Australia only for a period of 4 years. It is an uncapped visa wherein the Australian employer sponsors the visa 482 applicants.

    It can be easily converted to permanent residency visa through several ways that include:

    1) Get PR visa from subclass 482 by applying for Regional Sponsored Migration Scheme (RSMS). There are two streams of RSMS under which Australian PR visa can be applied for, namely:

    • Temporary Residence Transition Stream
    • Direct Entry Stream

    2) Get the PR visa from subclass 482 by applying for Employer Nomination Scheme (ENS). Just like RSMS, it has two streams as listed above.

    3) Get the PR visa via Skilled Migration Scheme.

    4) Get the PR visa in lieu of being a partner of an Australian permanent resident or a citizen.

    Contact Visa2Immigration experts to know the best way and the shortest way for you to gain the permanent residency of Australia.


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