Processing Time Required For Visa Subclass 101


    Child Visa Subclass 101 Processing Time

    The child should be outside Australia at the time of applying for this visa as well as when the department decides on its fate. Usually, the Australian 101 visa processing time is around 12 months for 75% of the cases, especially if all documentation formalities are perfect. Under specific circumstances, the department can take more time. The Australia visa 101 processing time is up to 18 months for a maximum of 90% of applications.

    Let us understand why it takes time for the decision to come through. We shall also look at the things that you have to do after submitting the visa application. Our professionals are ready to assist you at every step.

    Status Updates

    The department does not provide any status updates within the normal processing times. In case they need further information, they will seek the same from you.

    Travel to Australia

    Remember that the applicant child has to be outside Australia at the time of application until the time the department decides on the application. Hence, you should not make any arrangements for migration until you know the fate of your application.

    Health Tests

    The department informs you when to arrange for your child’s health tests. Similarly, the child might also have to submit its biometrics.

    The Requirement of Additional Information

    The Department of Home Affairs can ask for additional information if the data submitted by you is inadequate. We help you arrange for submission of this additional information when called for by the department.

    Similarly, you can also rectify mistakes made in your application. Use the appropriate form 1023 for this purpose.

    Seeking our assistance can help you avoid these unnecessary mistakes. They waste more time and delay the decision.

    Adding Family Members

    This visa 101 allows you to add the child’s dependent family members (other children) at any time before the decision. Once the department decides on the fate of the application, you should submit a fresh application for each addition you wish to make.

    Inform Changes

    The applicant is responsible for informing any modifications to the child’s status during the decision making process. These changes could include changes to the phone number, address, or passport. It can also involve changes to marital status or birth of a child. You should also inform the department if you wish to withdraw your application.

    The outcome of the visa

    The child should not be in Australia when the department makes its decision. It will inform the visa grant number, the date of commencement, the conditions that apply, and the date by which the child should enter Australia. If it is unable to do so, it could result in the cancellation of the visa. One should maintain this grant letter carefully

    In case of denial of visa, the department discloses the reasons for denial and the rights of review available for the applicant.


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