Requirements Checklist For Visa Subclass 101


    Child Visa Subclass 101 Requirements & Checklist

    Residence at the time of application

    • You should not be in Australia when you apply for the Subclass 101 Visa


    • The child should be a dependent of a parent who is an Australian citizen/eligible New Zealand statement, or a permanent resident of Australia.
    • Biological, adopted, and stepchildren are eligible for inclusion in the Subclass Visa 101.


    • In the case of adoption, the eligibility norms are different. The child should be below 18 years of age at the time of adoption. Secondly, the parent should not be an Australian or eligible New Zealand citizen or a permanent Australian visa holder. If so, the child is not applicable for Subclass Visa 101. It becomes eligible to apply under the Subclass Visa 102.


    • The stepchild should be less than 18 years of age. It should be the child of the step parents’ former partner. The stepparent should have an Australian parenting order in force and the guardianship of the child under Australian laws or any other country.


    • The child’s sponsor should be an eligible parent/the parent’s spouse or de-facto partner. There should not be any criminal case of offences involving children against the sponsor.

    Age of the child

    • Under normal circumstances, the child should be under 18 years of age
    • If the child is a full-time student, it can be above 18 years but be less than 25 years.
    • Children with a physical or mental disability do not have any age restriction provided the child is unable to work and is financially dependent on the parent/sponsor.

    Have no partner

    • The child should be single at the time of application as well as at the time of deciding the fate of the application. It should not be married or engaged or be in a de-facto relationship.

    Meet character requirements

    • Children above 16 years of age should satisfy all character requirements as stipulated by the Department of Home Affairs.

    Health Requirements

    • The child and its dependents should satisfy all health requirements. Dependent children not applying for this Subclass 101 Visa should also meet the health requirements.

    No Dues to the Government of Australia

    • The child or its sponsor should not have any dues pending to the Australian Government. If dues are pending, there should be a formal agreement for repayment.

    Australian values Statement

    • Children above 18 years of age should read, understand, and sign the Australian values statement whereby they confirm that the child will obey all Australian laws and respect the Australian culture

    Consent to Migrate

    • The department issues the Subclass Visa 101 to children who have the written consent of persons legally capable of deciding where they live. The laws of the home country should also allow them to leave their home country.


    We help you with the documentation aspect of applying for the Subclass Visa 101. The requisite documents are as follows.

    • The parents/sponsor should have proper identification and financial documents as stipulated by the Department.
    • If the child is a full-time student, it should provide evidence of this fact.
    • Adoption-related documents should be as per the laws governing adoption in Australia.
    • Proof of payment of Subclass 101 Visa fees

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