Child Visa Subclass 101 Rules & Conditions

    Here are the Subclass 101 Visa conditions before applying for the visa.

    • The child has to be a dependent child of an Australian citizen or permanent resident of Australia or an eligible New Zealand citizen.
    • The child should be less than 18 years of age.
    • However, students pursuing full-time studies can be above 18 years but less than 25 years.
    • Children with physical or psychological disabilities and entirely dependent on their parents can be over 18 years of age. Similarly, children unable to take up any work because of their disability and are financially dependent on their parents can also be above 18 years.
    • The child has necessarily to be single and financially dependent on its parent. The child should also not have married or been in a de-facto relationship when applying for this Subclass Visa 101.
    • Most importantly, the child should not be in Australia both when applying for the visa 101 and when the department decides on the application.
    • The visa 101 contains a specific date after which you cannot enter Australia. The visa automatically stands cancelled if you fail to enter Australia by the date mentioned in the visa.

    Unlike the Subclass 802 visa, this visa comes with specific conditions that the child has to adhere to after the issuance of the visa. The department will make a note of these conditions on the visa.

    Condition 8502 – No entry before the specified person enters Australia

    This condition is a discretionary one. Usually, the dependent visas have this condition. Condition 8502 prohibits you from entering Australia unless the person specified in the visa as your sponsor enters Australia. It entails that the dependent child applying for Subclass Visa 101 cannot enter Australia unless its parent/sponsor does so. Any breach of such a condition can result in the cancellation of the visa.

    Condition 8515 – Not marry before you enter Australia for the first time

    Condition 8515 stipulates that the applicant should not marry or enter into a de-facto relationship before entering Australia for the first time on the Subclass 101 Visa.

    Other Visa 101 conditions

    • The applicant and its family members must obey Australian laws.
    • The Subclass 101 Visa is a permanent visa that allows children to stay in Australia indefinitely, study, work and apply for permanent residency and Australian citizenship if eligible.
    • Inform the department if there are any changes to your passport, constitution, address, telephone number, and so on.

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