Requirements Checklist For Visa Subclass 116


Carer Visa Subclass 116 Requirements & Checklist

  • Know the pre-conditions for applying to Carer Visa 116.
  • Check your passport and ensure that it is in order.
  • It is better to seek the assistance of immigration agencies. We can help you with the successful filing of your application. You should inform the name of the person acting on your behalf or entitled to receive your correspondence.
  • Get your Bupa Medical Certificate. The department does not process any visa 116 application without the Bupa Medical certificate. The Bupa medical assessment should commence before applying for the visa. If the certificate is not immediately available, Bupa Medical Visa Services should issue a confirmation to this fact that the assessment is pending at their end. You have three months to submit this certificate.
  • Documentation is a vital aspect of your visa application. This 116 visa checklist can help you arrange for proper documentation.
    • Identity documents – Your passport and national ID card suffices as identity proof. Secondly, you should submit similar identity documents for all persons named as co-applicants in the visa. If you submit false information about your identity, you risk the refusal of visa 116. Apart from the denial of visa 116, the department can blacklist you and not grant you or your family members (irrespective of whether they are co-applicants or not) any Australian visa for ten years.
    • Character Documents – The department will inform you to submit character certificates. Until you receive the intimation, you do not have to provide them.
    • Dependents under 18 years – Apart from the identity documents you have to provide the related documents and character documents if applicable. Besides, you also have to provide Parental Responsibility Documents such as consent form (Form 1229) or an Australian court order allowing your child to migrate to Australia. Your home country laws should allow migration of the child to Australia.
    • Dependents above 18 years – Apart from identity, relationship, and character documents, you have to prove that the child is dependent on you (Form47A). In case the child is physically or mentally challenged, provide a certificate from a qualified medical practitioner to this effect.
    • Partner Documents – Provide identity, relationship, and character documents
  • Photographs – Provide four recently taken passport-sized photos of each applicant.
  • Submit photocopies of all documents except the police certificates as you have to submit them in original.

When you have this visa

  • All the applicants must obey Australian laws.
  • If there is any variation in the status or situation, you should inform the Department of Home Affairs immediately.
  • You can study full-time or work without any restrictions on this visa 116.
  • It is a permanent visa. You can apply for Australian citizenship if eligible.

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