Carer Visa Subclass 116 Rules & Conditions

There are two types of 116 Visa conditions. One set of conditions apply before you apply for the 116 Visa. Let us look at these conditions first.

  • The principal applicant and all co-applicants have to be outside Australia at the time of applying for the visa 116 and also when the department decides on the fate of your application.
  • You should have a sponsor in the form of your relative or their partner for the first two years of stay in Australia. The department will approve the sponsorship after which you can apply for the visa.
  • This visa 116 is a carer visa that requires the applicant to provide care to a relative or their family member who suffers from a medical condition and does not have reasonable access to care in Australia.

Apart from these conditions, the Department will or might attach a couple of additional conditions while granting Visa 116.

  • Condition 8502 – This condition specifies that the holder of the visa is not eligible to enter Australia before the specified person named in the visa enters the country.
  • Condition 8515 – This condition is usually for the dependent children who apply for Visa 116 along with the principal applicant. The condition states that the concerned individual should not marry before his/her first entry into Australia. It also specifies that the person should also not enter into a de-facto relationship before entering Australia.

Bupa Medical Certificate

We shall look at a critical 116 Visa condition namely the Bupa Medical Certificate.

Bupa Medical Services will assess the patient’s condition and provide a statement that the concerned person has a medical condition requiring continuous care. Submitting this certificate for your relative or family member, whom you undertake to provide care for, is compulsory. You should begin the assessment process before applying for Visa 116. If Bupa Medical Services has not assessed the patient, it should issue a confirmation letter attributing this fact. Under such circumstances, you can apply for the Visa 116 but should submit the Bupa Medical Certificate within three months. The department should have this certificate on hand while assessing your application.

General Conditions for Visa 116

  • You should pay the 116 Visa fees while applying for the visa.
  • The principal applicant and other co-applicants should satisfy all health requirements. They should conduct the respective health examinations when the department calls for it.
  • All applicants more than 16 years of age should satisfy character requirements.
  • Applicants over 18 years of age should read, understand, and acknowledge the Australian Values Statement.

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