Processing Time Required For Visa Subclass 189


    Know what is the exact processing time required for Visa Subclass 189?

    This is one of the most common questions many of our clients ask as they get antsy over the ever-stretching Skilled Independent Visa (subclass 189) processing time.

    It is true that on an average 189 visa processing time may stretch from anywhere between 8 months to about a year – and there is nothing much we can do about it. Expert visa and immigration consultants at Visa2Immigration is well-versed with the 189 visa process and can offer you valuable recommendations on how to cut down on the Australia 189 visa processing time by following the right procedure, submit all the documents at one go, and fill up the forms correctly and completely.

    Top reasons why the 189 visa application processing time is so long are:

    • Applicants fail to submit a complete application form with all the necessary documents to support their claim which stretches out the visa subclass 189 processing time unnecessarily.
    • When the authorities send requests for additional information, clients fail to respond to them in time.
    • Verification of the documents and the supporting documentation people provide takes time.
    • Some information is sought from the external agencies such as police checks, character certifications, and health assessments which take time. Our experts can help you cut down on the 189 visa processing time after medical by offering you the know-how of how to deal with the slow government processes and get past the red-tapism quickly.
    • Sometimes, visa approval for immigration to Australia depends on the number of places open to migrants at a time and the number of applicants vying for them.

    To minimise the Skilled Independent Visa 189 processing time for our clients, we help them at each step – from filling up the forms, collecting all the documents, verifying whether the information quoted by the clients on the form is supported by relevant documents or not, and offering them timely recommendations as required.

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