Want to know the Rules & Conditions for getting Visa Subclass 189?

    189 visa is a permanent visa that allows the applicant to stay, study and work in Australia forever. As long as the applicants fulfil all the visa 189 conditions, they are allowed to sponsor eligible relatives to Australia for permanent residence, register in Australia’s national health care scheme called Medicare and avail its benefits, and travel in and out of Australia for five years (starting from the date when visa is granted).



    Skill Assessment 

    Applicant must have a positive skill assessment 


    65 points or more 


    The applicant must have an invitation to apply for the visa 


    Below 45 years 

    (if the applicant turns 45 after receiving the invitation, they can still file their application)

    English Language Proficiency 

    Applicant must have at least Competent English 

    Scores of IELTS, TOEFL iBT, PTE Academic, OET and Cambridge C1 Advanced test are acceptable. Please find the individual score requirements here


    The nominated occupation must be from the list of relevant skilled occupations provided by the home affairs department 

    Health Requirements

    Applicant must meet the health requirements set by the home affairs department 

    Character Requirements 

    Applicants and the family members with age 16 years or more must meet the health requirements set by the home affairs Australia

    Some other rules and conditions for subclass 189 Visa

    • One can apply for this visa from anywhere. 
    • The Australia Skilled Independent Visa or Visa 189 is a multiple entry visa that allows the visa holders to move in and out of Australia for a period of five years. 
    • The visa can be re-issued thereafter if:
      • The visa holder lives in Australia for two out of five years following all its laws
      • The visa holder can show that they have significant business, cultural or personal ties to the country
    • If the visa holder spends four consecutive years in Australia, they will be eligible to apply for Australian citizenship.
    • Subclass 189 visa conditions also hold true for the family members that are granted the visa with the main applicant. It means that the family members can also do the same things, have the same rights, and follow the visa conditions as the main applicant.

    The applicants can also check out all their visa details as well as the detailed 189 visa conditions through the free myVEVO app available at the Apple’s iStore as well as the Google Play store. Just enter the Visa Grant Number, Visa Evidence Number or the Transaction Reference Number (TRN) in the app to find all the visa details. 

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