Requirements Checklist For Visa Subclass 300


    Prospective Marriage Visa Subclass 300 Requirements & Checklist

    Satisfying the genuineness of your relationship is critical in such partner visas. Visa 300 is a prospective partner visa that requires the department to exercise additional care. We strive to make your job easy. Follow these steps when you apply for your Visa 300.

    • Before the application
      1. Fulfilling health conditions is compulsory for all visas. You can have your health exams prior to applying for the visa. Alternatively, you can wait for the Home Affairs Department to intimate you. Your health checkups comprise of checks for tuberculosis, Hepatitis B, and so on.
      2. Decide whether you need the services of a migration agency to help you with the visa application process. Immigration consultants are useful because of their experience in handling these cases. The chances of errors and omissions reduce when we help you with your application procedure. The critical aspect is that you should inform the department if you decide to avail immigration assistance.
    • Get your documents in order
      1. Identity Documents – Your current passport is the ideal ID. Apart from your passport, you can upload your national ID card if you have one. Ensure that you upload the pages of your passport that contains your name, address, date of birth, and parents’ name. In the case of a variation in the name, you must include documentary evidence to that effect.
      2. Relationship documents – Two people known to you should produce statutory declarations in Form No 888. They should confirm knowing you and your relationship with your spouse. Such persons should be over 18 years.
      3. Additional documents confirming relationship – You have to submit written statements detailing the history of your partnership with emphasis on how you met for the first time and prove that you intend to marry your prospective spouse during the validity period of your visa.
      4. Former relationships – If you had been in a marital or de-facto relationship in the past, you should provide evidence of the breakup in the form of statutory declarations or separation documents.
      5. Character documents – All applicants more than 16 should provide character certificates. Fill up Form No 80 that includes character assessment.
      6. Dependents under 18 – You should submit consent letter for any dependent less than eighteen years of age. Form 1229 is the consent form that you have to upload along with your application.
      7. Dependents above 18 – This visa permits you to include dependent children above 18 and up to 23 if they are full-time students and completely dependent on you for their financial needs. Similarly, there are no age restrictions for mentally or physically challenged children provided they depend on you for their survival. Provide the documentary evidence in this regard.
    • Visa Application

    You should not be present in Australia when you apply for the Visa 300. It is one of the primary 300 Visa requirements.

    • The Outcome
      1. On approval, you will get your grant letter in writing. Apart from the visa approval number, it will include the date of start of your Visa 300 and additional conditions.
      2. On denial, you will understand the reasons for refusal and the procedure to follow for the review.

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