Prospective Marriage Visa Subclass 300 Rules & Conditions

    Pre-conditions to satisfy before applying for subclass 300 Visa

    • The applicant’s age must be a minimum of 18.
    • You should intend to enter into a marital relationship before the expiry of this visa 300.
    • Your prospective partner should sponsor your visa.

    The Visa 300 allows applicants to add the names of their family members. These co-applicants can be less than 18 years as well. While granting the visa, the department can stipulate some additional conditions. Not all conditions might apply to every applicant. However, you should satisfy these additional conditions until you are present in Australia on this visa 300.

    Conditions attached to the Visa 300

    • Condition 8502 – As per condition 8502, the visa holder cannot enter Australia before the individual specified in the visa enters the country. Such a condition is usually applicable to co-applicants because they should not enter Australia unless the main applicant does so.
    • Condition 8515 – The Visa 300 is a prospective marriage visa. Condition 8515 states that the primary visa holder cannot marry the partner before coming to Australia. You have to marry only during the validity period of the visa.
    • Condition 8519 – Condition 8519 is an extension of Condition 8515. The primary visa holder should marry the prospective spouse within the nine-month validity period of this visa.
    • Condition 8520 – The primary applicant has to marry the sponsor during the period the visa is valid.

    Visa 300 is a channel that permits you to apply for permanent residency in Australia. In future, you can also become eligible to apply for your Australian citizenship. However, you should satisfy the conditions laid down in this visa 300 to proceed further and apply for the permanent partner visa.

    Apart from the conditions listed above, you have to satisfy the general eligibility subclass 300 Visa conditions.

    • Fulfilling health and character requirements are mandatory for every visa in Australia.
    • You should ensure that all your co-applicants satisfy the stipulated conditions before applying in their names.
    • This Visa 300 requires your prospective partner to sponsor you for your stay in Australia. However, the decision of approving the sponsor rests with the department. You have to provide the financial details of your sponsor for approval before you apply for Visa 300.
    • Ensure that no applicants owe money to the Government.
    • Any visa cancellation history can affect your chances of applying for this visa 300.

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