Requirements Checklist For Visa Subclass 309


Partner Visa Subclass 309 Requirements & Checklist

This 309 Visa checklist should help you.

  • Understand the pre-conditions necessary for applying to Visa 309. You should be a spouse or a de-facto partner of an Australian permanent resident, citizen of Australia, or an eligible citizen of New Zealand.
  • You should not be residing in Australia when you apply for the Visa 309.

Note that you can apply for the Partner Visa (Permanent) Subclass 100 after 2 years of obtaining the Visa 309. The prime condition for applying for a Subclass 100 visa is that you should hold a Visa 309.

Let us now look at the 309 visa requirements and see the document checklist for 309 Visa.

  • Misleading information - At the outset, every applicant should understand that submitting false and misleading information can result in denial of Visa 309. It can also lead to becoming ineligible for applying for an Australian visa for the next ten years.
  • Identity Documents – Visa 309 requires you to produce a birth certificate displaying the names of both parents. Alternatively, you can furnish any document from the respective Government showing the names of both your parents. Your passport page has the names of your parents. That should suffice as a valid identity document. If you have a national identity card, you should submit the same as well. If there is a change of name involved, you should furnish the necessary documentary evidence to the effect.
  • Relationship with a partner – Your relationship should be mutual, genuine, and recognized by law. A marriage certificate is a valid document under such circumstances. A de-facto partner should prove that there is a reciprocal relationship between the two. The proof should show that both of you live together and do not have family relations. The applicant has to submit in writing the circumstances under which the partners met and came to know each other. Form No 888 is a document that proves that others know of your relationship. Secondly, you should show that you are in a de-facto relationship for a minimum of one year before applying for Visa 309.
  • Character Documents – All applicants over 16 should submit police certificates from police authorities in their respective countries where they have resided for a minimum of one year in the last ten years since they turned 16. Complete and submit Form No 80 as a character assessment document.
  • Other Documents – The primary applicant should also produce documentary evidence of a relationship with co-applicants. In the case of dependent children over 18 years of age, you should furnish proof of full-time study. In case of mental or physical disability, a medical certificate to that effect is a valid document.

We help you to go through the subclass 309 visa requirements checklists and prepare the documents accordingly. After applying for the visa, you should wait for its outcome.

If the department grants the visa, you will receive a grant letter containing the visa grant number, date of commencement of visa, and additional visa conditions, if applicable.

In case of refusal of the 309 Visa, the department will furnish reasons for denial and inform whether you have a right to review the decision.

Note that this visa is temporary and a stepping stone towards obtaining the Partner (Migrant) Subclass 100 visa.


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