Requirements Checklist For Visa Subclass 417


Working Holiday Visa Subclass 417 Requirements & Checklist

This 417 Visa requirements checklist will ensure that you upload all documents in the appropriate order to ensure error-free uploading and submission.

We shall go step-by-step so that you understand the 417 Visa checklists.

Before Application

  • You can save considerable time by undergoing your health tests before you submit the application for the visa 417.
  • You can also wait for the intimation from the concerned department.
  • Seeking the help of immigration consultants can help you avoid unnecessary mistakes that could lead to delays or even denial of visas.

Documentation Part

The application procedure for Visa 417 requires you to collect various documents and upload them. This 417 Visa checklist should make it easy for you.

  • Identity Documents – The passport is the best ID document. If it does not contain your parents’ names, you should provide additional evidence in the form of a family book or a Government-issued identification or a court-issued document.
  • Financial Documents – You should have sufficient money to support you for the 12 months in Australia. Your income tax returns are the ideal financial documents to prove your financial strength.
  • Character Documents – You have to get character certificates from the police and legal authorities in your respective countries as per the stipulations of Visa 417.
  • Consultancy Help – Fill up Form 956a to appoint or withdraw the name of an authorized recipient. Similarly, Form 956 is necessary when you avail the services of immigration agents to deal with your applications.
  • Prepare your documents – If your papers are in a language different from English, you should get them translated into English. Scan your photographs and attach them along with your documents to your ImmiAccount profile.

Application Process

  • Providing misleading information can result in denial of visa. Apart from the refusal, the department can debar you for a further period of ten years.
  • Create an ImmiAccount, attach the documents, and pay the application fee. You will get a transaction reference number.
  • You cannot apply for 417 Visa online if you have a dependent who is child less than 18 years.

After the Application

  • Wait for the department’s decision.
  • In the meanwhile, you can upload corrections to your applications, if any.

The outcome of the 417 Visa

Granting of the Visa

  • Your visa sanction letter will contain the visa reference number, the date when your visa starts, and the post-grant visa conditions.

Refusal of Visa

  • In case of denial of 417 Visa, you will know the reasons for the refusal and the rights you have for reviewing the decision.

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