Working Holiday Visa Subclass 417 Rules & Conditions

As there are two different streams, the Working Holiday Visa Australia conditions would also differ.

First Working Holiday Visa

Here are the standard pre-conditions for the issuance of Visa 417.

  • The most important condition is that you should be a citizen of and hold a valid passport from any of the 19 eligible countries in the list.
  • Your age must be between 18 and 30 years. However, a Canadian or an Irish resident can be up to 35 years when applying for this visa.
  • You must apply for the 417 visa online from outside of Australia.
  • Family members or dependent children cannot accompany you to Australia on this Visa 417.
  • You should not have held a 417 or a 462 Visa in the past.

Apart from the pre-conditions, the department can add the following post-conditions depending on a case-to-case basis.

  • Condition 8106 – This regulation states that the visa holder is not eligible to work in Australia unless it is consistent with and relevant to the business listed out in the visa application.
  • Condition 8301 – This condition stipulates that you should satisfy relevant public interest before the visa expires.
  • Condition 8303 – You should not involve in antisocial activities such as disruptive and violent acts that endanger or threaten any individual.
  • Condition 8501 – You should arrange for adequate health insurance coverage for the period you stay in Australia.
  • Condition 8502 – You should not enter Australia before the person named in the visa grant does so.
  • Condition 8503 – You will not get any other substantive visa except the protection visa as long as you remain in Australia.
  • Condition 8516 – The visa holder should continue satisfying the criteria for the grant of this visa.
  • Condition 8522 – You should not leave Australia later than the prime visa holder.
  • Condition 8525 – You should leave Australia by specified means of transport within a specified period or on a specified date.
  • Condition 8526 – The visa holder should intimate the department about their place of residence in writing, seven days before the visa expires.
  • Condition 8547 – You are not eligible to work for a single employer for a period of more than six months without the permission of the Secretary in writing.
  • Condition 8548 – You must not study or train in Australia for a period exceeding four months.

Second Working Holiday Visa

The standard pre-conditions for the Second Working Holiday Visa are as listed below.

  • You must have entered Australia into previously on a Visa Subclass 417 First Working Holiday Visa.
  • You should necessarily be a citizen of one of the eligible countries and have a valid passport.
  • The age limit for application is between 18 and 30 for all countries except for Canada and Ireland whose residents can apply until they turn 35 years.
  • You should compulsorily have completed at least three months of specified work while on your First Working Holiday Visa.
  • No family member of yours can accompany you on this 417 visa.

The post-grant Subclass 417 visa conditions for the Second Working Holiday Visa are the same as the Working Holiday Visa Rules for the First Working Holiday Visa.


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