Requirements Checklist For Visa Subclass 462


Work and Holiday Visa Subclass 462 Requirements & Checklist

We shall divide the visa requirements into three aspects.

Before applying for the visa

  • Satisfying health requirements is compulsory. You can choose to have your health exams before applying for the visa. Alternatively, you can wait for the department to intimate you to do so.
  • Consult an able immigration consultant before applying for the visa. We help you with the filling up of the forms, offer additional services like receiving your correspondence and provide immigration advice. We can also act on your behalf.
  • Collect your documents and keep them in order. You will need the following set of documents.
    1. Identity Proof – Your passport is the ideal ID proof. As it contains the names of your parents as well, you do not have to provide separate evidence. In case you wish to submit paper applications, you have to provide your recent passport-sized photographs.
    2. Educational qualifications – Every country has its specific educational criteria. You have to provide proof of having attained the required educational qualifications.
    3. English Language Proficiency – Provide evidence of having the necessary English language competency.
    4. Governmental Support – Apart from the six countries in the list such as Argentina, Chile, Israel, China, Singapore, and the US, you have to provide a letter of support from your respective Governments before applying for Subclass Visa 462.
    5. Financial support document – The financial requirement for your stay in Australia for twelve months is AUD 5000. Provide evidence of having these funds at your disposal before you apply for the visa.
    6. Character documents – Every applicant has to obtain character documents from their respective police authorities and submit it at the time of applying for Visa 462.
    7. Immigration help – You can use Form No 956a and 956 to provide information on using the services of immigration agents for applying for Visa 462.
    8. Prepare documents – You can apply online as well as submit paper applications. We assist you with the preparation of documents and filling up the requisite forms.

Applying for the visa

  • When applying for Visa 462, ensure to provide accurate information. Submitting false/misleading information can result in denial of a visa and make you ineligible for any Australian visa for the next ten years.
  • Pay the visa fees in advance and apply. The department does not assess any visa application without the receipt of visa fees.

After applying for the visa

  • Do not arrange for your travel to Australia until you receive the visa grant letter.
  • The department can ask for biometrics information.
  • If there are any errors/mistakes in your application, you can rectify them.
  • Intimate the department if there is any change in the data submitted to them.

The outcome of the Visa

On granting your visa, the department will inform you in writing by providing the visa grant number, the date of commencement of visa, and the additional visa conditions.

In case of refusal of the visa, you get the intimation in writing along with the reasons for denial of a visa and the avenues open to you for reviewing the decision.


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