Processing Time Required For Visa Subclass 476


    Recognised Graduate Visa Subclass 476 Processing Time

    All Australian visas require processing and verification of documents. Delays do not occur from the department’s side. However, they need time to ensure the genuineness of the information you upload. There are other formalities such as health stipulations, procuring character certificates, and providing biometrics information, and so on. In spite of these formalities, the department approves 75% of the Visa 476 applications within seven months. The Australia 476 visa processing time for almost 90% of the applications is nine months.

    Reasons for delays, if any

    Usually, delays are due to errors and omissions committed by applicants. There can be inaccuracies in the uploading of your visa documents. Accurate uploading of all documents in proper order can help speed up the assessment of your applications. Immigration consultants can assist in proper submission of all the necessary documents on time. Here are some of the common reasons for the delay in Visa subclass 476 processing times.

    • Incomplete filling of application forms
    • Non-submission of required details
    • Inaccurate information
    • Not checking the eligibility norms in advance
    • Producing false information
    • Not estimating the correct visa 476 fees
    • Delays in procuring character certificates
    • Non-submission of documents pertaining to co-applicants

    Avail our consultancy services to ensure proper submission of documents.

    How to Rectify Inaccuracies

    The department assesses your applications and advises any shortcomings in the application. You have to correct the mistakes and upload the required documents in support of your clarifications using your ImmiAccount. Availing the services of immigration consultants can rule out such inaccurate submissions because we go through every application carefully before uploading them on the site. This exchange of information delays the processing time for Visa 476.

    False or Misleading Data

    Submitting false or misleading information can have severe repercussions. Similarly, concealing of vital information can also pose serious problems for the applicants. The penalties for submitting misleading information are severe. It can result in the rejection of Visa 476. Besides the visa rejection, there can be a bar of your applying for all Australian visas for ten years.

    Hence, you should not conceal any information from the department. We provide assistance to you in this matter by making you aware of the documents to submit for the assessment of your 476 Visa application. Refer to our checklist for details of documents necessary in this connection.


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