Recognised Graduate Visa Subclass 476 Rules & Conditions

    Let us peruse the pre-conditions of the 476 Visa before discussing the post-grant conditions.

    • The age of the primary applicant should not be more than 31 years.
    • The primary applicant should be an engineering graduate from a specified educational institution.
    • The minimum educational qualification for Visa 476 is a Bachelor’s degree in the engineering streams. Postgraduates, doctorates, and postgraduate diploma holders in these engineering streams are also eligible to apply.
    • The primary applicant should not have been a previous holder of either a 476 subclass or 485 Subclass visa.
    • Applicants from countries other than the US, Canada, the UK, New Zealand, and Ireland should demonstrate competency in the English language.

    Besides these stipulated pre-conditions, you might find the following post-grant conditions stipulated in your visa sanction letter.

    Condition 8502 – You, as a holder of this 476 Visa, should not enter the country before the person named in the visa enters Australia. You will usually find this condition in the visa grant letters of the co-applicants because they cannot come to Australia before you do.

    Condition 8515 – This condition 8515 stipulates that you should not marry before your first entry into Australia. This condition will be present in the visa approval letters of your dependent children as the rules stipulate that they should not marry before they enter the country for the first time.

    Other than the mandated pre-conditions and the stipulated post-grant conditions, every visa holder has to fulfil these general conditions.

    • All applicants including the co-applicants should have sufficient health insurance to cover the length of their stay in this country.
    • All adult applicants should read and understand the Australian Values Statement before signing it.
    • The applicant and all the family members should not be indebted to the Government in any way. If there are debts outstanding, they should arrange to repay it before they apply for the 476 Visa.
    • All applicants more than 16 should produce character certificate documents from the legal or police headquarters in their respective countries.
    • There should be no previous history of visa cancellation or denial during their stay in Australia in the past.

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