The cost for visa application keeps on changing from time to time as per the revisions done by the concerned authorities. Therefore, you must note that the cost charged for your application will depend upon the date of receipt of your application by the authorities. You may also have to pay the difference between 482 visa fees on the date you applied and on the date they received the application.

    The fees of all the Australian visas were increased recently. According to that hike, the 482 visa cost for the short-term stream is AUD 1,290 for the main applicant. Each of your dependents who are of 18 years or more also adds a visa cost of AUD 1,290 towards your visa application. All your dependents under the age of 18 who are your co-applicants for the 482 visa under the short stream add a cost of AUD 325 per person towards your visa fee.

    In the case of the medium-term stream and the Labour agreement stream, the 482 visa cost is AUD 2,690 for the main applicant. For dependents above 18, you will have to pay AUD 2,690 for each co-applicant while each dependent under 18 will only add an additional cost of AUD 675 towards your visa 482 cost (under these two streams).

    You must understand that all the subclass 482 visa fees have to be paid in Australian dollars by using debit or credit cards or online money transfer apps like PayPal. However, in this case, you will have to pay a 1% to 2 % extra charge over the actual fee.

    The above-mentioned fees are only the official 482 visa fees. The overall Australia 482 visa cost may be more as it includes the costs of the English language test you and your family members take, the cost of health assessments you have to bear, and any fee you might have to pay for character assessments by police as well as for biometrics.

    For the updated information related to the 482 visa application fee, you can visit the government website. You can also make use of the Visa Pricing Estimator to know how much your visa will cost you. However, it is important to note that this estimator does not consider other costs.

    You may contact V2I visa experts to have a more detailed understanding of how much money you will actually spend to apply and acquire visa 482.


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