The most frequently asked question about temporary skilled shortage visa is how much is the processing time for the 482 visa. Remember, this is a temporary visa and employers can only sponsor a skilled worker under it if they fail to find an appropriately skilled Australian professional. Hence, it takes relatively less time to get processed than the permanent visas.

    482 visa can be applied under different streams. The processing time for the visa can vary depending on the stream under which it is applied. For the short-term stream, the processing time for 482 visa usually ranges from 43 days to 70 days. The visa 482 processing time for the Medium-term stream may lie anywhere between 38 days and 66 days. It can take 35 days to 52 days for the 482 visa to get processed if you apply under the Labour agreement stream. The Visa and Immigration consultants at Visa2Immigration are the experts of the field and have excellent knowledge about the 482 visa process. They can help you cut down the Australian visa 482 processing time by following the prescribed procedure, filling up all the forms correctly, and attaching all the required documents at once.

    The factors on which the length of subclass 482 visa processing time depends are as follows:

    1. If the applicants don’t have proper knowledge about the application process, they fail to submit the application with all the necessary documents attached in the proper order in the first place and this causes a delay in the process.
    2. Applicants do not provide the additional information asked from them by the authorities in time, which in turn increases their 482 visa processing time.
    3. The time required for the verification of documents is also a factor affecting the processing time.
    4. The information regarding your character, national security requirements and health is provided by the relevant government agencies which need time to do so. They may also cause a delay in your 482 visa processing. Our experts can help you in cutting off the 482 visa Australia processing time by providing you guidance on how to tackle the slow processing of various government agencies and get the required assessments done quickly.
    5. Visa 482 processing time also depends upon the number of applicants applying for the visa at the time.

    We offer all the support our clients need to shorten their Australian visa 482 processing time. Our experts can help you at each and every step, right from filling up the form to collecting the required documents and also verifying if the information provided in the form is reinforced by the documents or not. Our experts guide you all the way and offer recommendations whenever required.

    You can contact expert Visa and Immigration consultants of Visa2Immigration for free to know how to cut down the 482 visa processing time and get the visa quickly and easily.


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