It is important for every applicant to gain knowledge about visa requirements and go through the checklist for the visa you are about to apply. Visa2Immigration experts can also help you 482 visa requirements and 482 visa checklist mentioned below. Our experts will also extend their support to verify if you have collected and attached all the documents mentioned in the list.

    Subclass 482 visa requirements

    Our expert Visa and Immigration Consultants have deep knowledge about the visa 482 application procedure and have prepared a list of 482 visa requirements that you must meet to get the visa. They are as follows:

    General 482 visa requirements

    In order to get nominated for this visa, you must have qualifications and skills as well the experience of 2 years in the occupation you are going to nominate. Once you meet these 482 visa employer requirements, you will be nominated by a Standard business sponsor or the employer who has applied for being a Standard business sponsor. Once your sponsor nominates you, you need to get the various assessments done. These assessments include health checkup, skills assessment, English proficiency tests and many others.

    After gathering all the documents regarding these assessments, you can fill the 482 visa application form with accurate details of your skills, qualifications and occupation that you have nominated. The authorities will let you know that they have received your application and will process it accordingly. During this procedure, they may ask you for the additional information if required and you must provide it in time to avoid any delay in processing.

    There is no age limit to apply for this visa. You must be qualified and skilled to work in the nominated occupation and must go through the skill assessment test to prove you are eligible for the job. You must meet all the health and character requirements and have a health insurance. If your age is 18 years or more, you must sign the Australian Value Statement. You can get more information about this on the government website.

    You must not have any pending outstanding debts of the Australian government. This can affect the approval process negatively. You may not be considered eligible for this visa if your visa was cancelled or application was rejected by the concerned authorities.

    English requirements for 482 visa

    While applying for the 482 visa, the applicants have to prove that they meet the 482 visa English requirements. There are different requirements for different streams;

    Short-term stream- In order to prove that you have adequate English level, you have to show any one of the following things.

    1. You are a passport holder from Canada, New Zealand, The Republic of Ireland, UK or US.
    2. You have completed the study of at least 5 years at the secondary level with most of the classes in English.
    3. Your nominated occupation in Australia is at the office of the Authorities of Taiwan or diplomatic mission of another country.
    4. You are an employee of a foreign business and coming to Australia working for the same business or its associate.
    5. Your annual earnings should be at least AUD 96,400.


    You must complete the proficiency test within 3 years from the date of submission of visa application and achieve the required score in the first attempt. You must get:

    • An overall band score of 5.0 with a score of 4.5 in each component of the International English Language Testing System (IELTS).
    • A score of B in each of the four components of the Occupational English Test (OET).
    • iBT total score of 35 with a score of 3 in listening and reading and a score of 12 in speaking and writing of Test of English as Foreign Language internet-based test TOEFL iBT).
    • An overall academic score of 36 with a score of 30 in each of the test component of the Pearson Test of English Academic (PTE Academic).
    • Overall score of 154 with a score of 147 in each component of the Cambridge C1 Advanced test.

    Medium-term stream- You must complete the proficiency test within 3 years from the date of submission of the visa application and achieve the required score in the first attempt. The scores expected from you are same as that of the short-term stream.

    Labour Agreement Stream- For this stream, you have to present the proof of the level of the English proficiency mentioned in your Labour agreement.

    Your family members included in your visa application do not require proving the English language proficiency.

    482 visa health requirements

    Australia is the country that has a few of the best health standards and in order to maintain them, the visa applicants have to prove they meet those standards before the visa is approved. The motive behind this is to safeguard the Australian community from health and safety risks like tuberculosis. It is also mandatory for you to have adequate health cover. This is because you are personally responsible for your healthcare costs during your stay in Australia.

    482 visa employer requirement

    In order to get the 482 visa, you need to fulfil a few employer and employment requirements. For the short-term stream, you must have skills and qualification and minimum 2 years of experience in the occupation you are going to nominate.

    For Medium-term stream, your occupation has to be on the Medium and Long-term Strategic Skills List or the Regional Occupation List. If your sponsor is an Australian Business, you can work for them or their associates. If they are an overseas business, you must work only for them and not their associates.

    If you are applying for a visa to work in the Labour agreement stream, you have to work under the labour agreement and for the agreement holder. You have to meet the age, skills and English language requirements mentioned in the agreement. You will also have to undergo a skills assessment test.

    Documents required and checklist for the 482 visa

    Our Visa and Immigration Consultants will help you to apply for this visa in an easy way and get it processed without any hurdle. The 482 visa checklist for the documents required to be attached with the application is as follows:

    • Nomination by your sponsor
    • 482 Visa application form
    • Proof of identity
    • Skill Assessment Report
    • Results of English Language Test
    • Documents related to skilled employment
    • 2 coloured photographs of passport size
    • Documents supporting your educational qualification
    • Documents to fulfil Australian study requirement and showing that you have studied in a regional area of the country
    • Documents as proof of your qualification, skills and English language proficiency of your partner
    • Experience certificate
    • Documents regarding your relationship status
    • Character certificate issued by police
    • Health assessments Report
    • Documents related to health insurance
    • Labour agreement (if you are going to work for the Labour agreement stream)
    • Any other documents requested by the Australian authorities

    You must ensure that the documents submitted or the 482 visa are in English or have their translated versions attached. You must attach the certified copies of all the required documents.

    If you have any doubt or confusions related to the Australia Visa 482 checklist, you can contact our experts for free.


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