Temporary Graduate Visa Subclass 485 Fees & Cost

    The Australia visa 485 fees for both the streams start from AUD 1,680. This amount is the visa fee for the primary applicant. If there are multiple applicants, each one of them has to pay Visa fees depending on his /her age. The Visa fee for a co-applicant below 18 years is different from that of an applicant more than 18.

    We assist you in calculating the 485 visa fees and paying it as well. You can check up your liability by referring to the Visa Pricing Estimator available on the department website. This estimator requires you to provide specific information such as the tentative date of applying for the visa, the number of co-applicants below and above 18. You can pay in a different currency. By default, the currency shown in the estimator is AUD.

    Every applicant has to pay this amount when applying for the visa without which the department will not assess the application. The visa estimator does not calculate the expenses needed for your health check-ups or for procuring your character certificates. You have to pay for your biometric recordings. These are additional expenses from your side. If any family member joins as a subsequent entrant, there is no fee concession. The member should pay the full Visa application fee. Hence, the cost of 485 Visa Australia is always more than the 485 Visa fee.

    How do you pay the Visa fees?

    Though you can apply online as well as through paper applications, the fee payment process is always online. Use your ImmiAccount to pay 485 Visa fees. You can pay the fees using your credit cards, and bank online transfers. The department also accepts payment through your PayPal account.

    It is better to intimate your bank that you are paying Visa fees through your ImmiAccount. At times, your bank stipulates specific limits for your credit card. Intimating them in advance can save you from rejections. Secondly, you also have to pay bank charges for these transactions. All these expenses add to your overall visa cost.

    You have to pay the visa fees when applying for your Subclass 485 Visa. If you submit a paper application, you should pay the fee in advance and provide the evidence to the department. Under such circumstances, you also have to pay the non-internet application charges.

    If the department decides that you furnish a security bond, it will intimate you and raise an invoice. This invoice will also contain details of how to pay this additional amount.

    The Visa 485 is exempt from paying the Subsequent Temporary Application Charge.


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